A woman's body goes through a lot of changes, from birth to reaching puberty, to giving birth, aging, reaching menopause and things still do not seem to get easier. Not to mention all the issues to deal with during menopause one being menopause weight gain. Symptoms vary from woman to woman, with some woman experiencing little or not symptoms at all, while others suffer  a multitude of symptoms and no relief in sight. Menopause usually begins during midlife for women, starting in the late forties or early fifties.

The most common area for menopause weight gain is the abdomen. You might find women who were skinny in their young life and then just pack on the pounds when they reach menopause. Women,  during this period of their lives should be careful, as some physical activities are not as easy as they once were. Hence, you may need to forgo that snack for a healthier option.

A few changes here and there should help stop menopause weight gain. So what can you do to prevent your body from putting on those pounds? With a slower metabolism at this age, it is wise to take in fewer calories or increase one's physical activities or do both. If you do put on some extra pounds during this time, do not panick or try to lose the weight by following a crash diet. The best solution to get rid of menopause weight gain is lose it slowly but gradually. A study conducted in Norway showed menopausal women who lost the weight gradually were able to keep the weight off as opposed to women who went on a crash diet. In fact, women who did follow a crash diet eventually gained back more weight than they originally lost.

As women enter their menopausal years, their calorie intake lessens. So what you could get away with before no longer applies, hence the belly shows the menopause weight gain.You might have to make some smarter choices now. If you eat a sandwich opt for whole grain bread as opposed to white bread. Most of like mayonnaise on our sandwiches opt for a lighter version or choose mustard instead. Instead of reaching for that cookie, have a yogurt or a fruit instead. If you like cheese, look for a brand that offers the lowest calories per serving.  Trying to save a few calories here and there add up by the end of the day, so then it is easier to keep up your weight.

If you do find the belly increasing due to menopause weigh gain, start keeping a food journal. Each time you eat or drink something log it in with the time. At the end of the day look at it to decide where you could have saved on some calories. Once you figure out where to cut calories the pounds should begin to drop. It might fall off quicker if you decide to become more active and begin exercising.

Speak to friends and ask what they did to lose their menopause weight gain. Be creative you do not have to eat boring food or be strict. Look for low-calorie options for everything including soda and cookies. Sometimes by just switching brands you can save as much as one hundred calories.

As women you have to tackle so many obstacles in life do not let menopause weight gain be one of the obstacles that brings you down. Be smart and enjoy being a woman.