There are many ways to stop snoring. Snoring can interrupt your sleep, your partners sleep and disrupt anyone within earshot of you. People who snore wake up more often through the night than people who do not snore. This pattern of waking up frequently through the night, although the snorer is not fully awake, leaves them tired, unable to concentrate fully and puts a strain on their body. Snoring can also be a sign of a dangerous medical conditional such as sleep apnea. People who suffer from sleep apnea actually stop breathing while they are sleeping. If you suspect sleep apnea, medical intervention is required. Sleep apnea cannot be treated with these snoring remedies. Those suffering from sleep apnea will need a complete medical evaluation along with a sleep study to determine if they require surgery or the aid of a breathing machine while they sleep. Snoring can also be a signal for other potentially serious medical conditions.

Stop snoring tips:

Avoid alcohol. Drinking alcohol has a relaxation effect on the body which will increase snoring.

Avoid dairy products such as milk and ice cream because dairy products have a tendency to thicken and increase mucus production. Thicker mucus and more mucus will cause some blockage at the back of the throat and dripping from nasal passages which will in turn cause snoring.

Eat lightly or not at all at night.

Avoid smoking and second hand smoke with are irritants to the throat and worsen snoring.

Avoid spicy foods. Spicy foods tend to increase mucus and thin it out which will can it to drip into the back of your throat and worsen snoring.

Stop snoring remedies:

Raise the head of your bed. Use something sturdy and secure under the legs of your bed to raise it. Place folded towels or folded blankets between your mattress and box spring to raise your head. Sleep on an extra pillow. Sleeping in more of an inclined position helps to open the airway and helps to stop snoring.

Sleep on your side or on your stomach. People who sleep on their backs are more prone to snoring. Roll up a blanket or towels and place them along side you as you sleep to keep from turning onto your back.

Buy an anti-snoring pillow. These pillows are designed specifically to help stop snoring. Anti snoring pillows are much more firm than a traditional pillow and will keep you in more of an inclined position when you sleep.

Lose weight. People who are overweight snore because of the strain put on their neck muscles and diaphragms. Reducing weight with alleviate the stress and help to stop snoring. Fat around the chest also puts undue pressure on the lungs which cannot expand fully.

Make your air easier to breathe. Use a cool air humidifier. Cool moist air is easier to breathe and reduces the incidence of snoring.

Open your sinus passages. Use an over the counter saline nose spray or add salt water to a pot of boiling water and inhale the steam.

Use a netti pot to clear your nasal passages. Clear nasal passages will lessen snoring.

Buy over the counter nasal strips made for stopping snoring. These strips fit across the bridge of your nose and help to open your nasal passages.

Take a teaspoon of honey before bed to lubricate your throat to reduce snoring.

Ask your dentist about being fit for a mouth guard specially made to realign your jaw to open airways and stop snoring.