If you are one of the millions of women who suffer from PMT every month, life can feel really awful. There are a whole range of things that you could suffer from. These things include bloating, mood swings and sometimes debilitating headaches. This is just a couple of the things that women suffer from. Some can feel so extreme that it can lead to suicidal thoughts.

If you would like to try and treat the symptoms of PMT without the use of medication, here are couple of natural remedies for premenstrual tension that you could incorporate into your lifestyle that could make a fundamental difference to how you feel before and during your period.

Look At Your Diet

It has been reported that eating a lot of fatty and sugary foods can have an adverse effect not only on your weight but also on your body's emotions. It is a very good idea to try and cut back on all the processed food which can contain a lot of chemicals that react badly with your body. Try and introduce an increased amount of fresh fruit and vegetables. Salt can cause the body to retain water, so try to limit the amount of salt that you add to your food and you should slowly see a reduction in the feeling of bloating. This could be just one of the reasons to try oolong tea. It has a lot of heath benefits.

Increase The Vitamin and Minerals In Your Diet

One of the reasons for suffering from PMT could be linked to the lack of vitamin and minerals in your diet. This can be easily remedied by finding out the food and beverages that contains these things naturally so that you can add more to your diet. This way you do not have to resort to going to the drug store to get pills and potions.

Increase The Amount Of Water You Drink

In order for the body to flush out the toxins that build up, it is necessary to drink enough water so that this can be done easily. It is always a good idea to try and replace all your sugar filled drinks with more water.

Add Exercise To Your Schedule

Exercise is a great way to make you feel better. If you work hard enough, the body will naturally produce endorphins, which is like experiencing a naturally high. If you reach this level in your exercise, you should notice that your body will feel more relaxed and your abdomen will feel less swollen.

These are just a few ways to treat premenstrual tension naturally and if you can make these little changes to your life, you may find that you will suffer a little less each month.