Have you become interested in using Evernote to help you remember everything? Evernote is great for capturing and recalling information. But now you need to find information that can be captured so that it will be available when you need it.

Evernote can be used to store snippets of text off of web pages. You can type notes directly into the Evernote software on your computer or through their website. Voice memos can be stored inside of your Evernote account. Pictures can be uploaded and the text becomes searchable. All of these features are appealing, now you just need some ideas on what to actually put in your Evernote account. Following are some different suggestions on how to use Evernote to organize your information.

Using Notebooks and Tags

Putting information into specific notebooks is a great way to organize projects together. Sometimes you will have a bunch of notes that naturally fall into one category. This is a great time to use a notebook. Remember though, that a note can only go into one notebook at a time.

There are times when notes actually belong to a couple of different projects, or the information is helpful in various categories. In this case you want to tag a note with various tags that will help you find the information when you need it. You are able to tag a note with several tags.

You can view notebooks as a single unit. All the notes are conveniently grouped together. Inside the different clients for Evernote you are also able to view all notes with the same tag.

Some people find that organizing notes into notebooks is unnecessary because the tags are so powerful. Searching by actual text in the note, or just making sure you tag all the notes with the project that they belong to will help you easily find the note at a later time. Using notebooks to group items from a project may not be necessary, but it helps you to keep all the notes together without having to remember to put the same tag on everything belonging to the project.

Gift Shopping

Any time someone mentions a gift they would like to have, or when someone's name and gift idea pop into your head is a great time to create a note in Evernote. You can keep a notebook that is specific to the person, specific to holidays or specific to birthdays. Probably the easiest is to just have a notebook dedicated to gifts in general. Then when you need to remember what Uncle Jimmy said he wanted for his upcoming birthday you can search through that notebook for the perfect gift.

You can also use Evernote to keep track of prices you find for an item while shopping online or in a store. With Evernote's ability to recognize text inside pictures, you can easily snap a photo of the item and price using your phone's camera and upload that information to Evernote.


In the past a great way to keep up with different candidates, issues and positions was to lay all the information out in a spreadsheet. With Evernote's free-form database, you don't have to keep everything rigidly inside a spreadsheet column or row. Any time you read a web page with information about the candidate that you want to remember, you can use the Evernote web clipper and save the information to your Evernote account. Either putting the information into a notebook dedicated to the election or tagging each of your election notes with the same tag will help you find information quickly when you are standing in line at the polling location and need to make a final decision.


Evernote can be used to create checklists. Any time you would have used a checklist in the past is a perfect time to start keeping track of it in Evernote. This is especially helpful for re-occurring lists. For example, if you take frequent business trips that require different equipment for different kinds of trips, having a note that lists all the items needed for that trip will help take the pressure off of getting ready to go. When that particular type of trip comes up again you will have everything ready thanks to Evernote.


When packing boxes for a move, it is helpful to know what is in each box. Of course, you probably won't track everything that goes into each box, but there are some boxes which are helpful to know know the contents. This is especially important when you know some items will be going into storage. By taking a picture of the box's contents, and/or creating a list of items in the box, it will be easier to find that special item when it is needed.

Before the move you need to keep track of receipts and know when different services will be turned on and off at the different houses. Scanning, or photographing each piece of paper to put into a notebook will make the information searchable so that you can have it at your fingertips instead of having to dig around through file folders.


Do you have a handful of recipe websites that you constantly browse for great ideas? You can't possibly cook all the delicious sounding food that you stumble across in one meal. But you can use the Evernote web clipper browser extension to store those recipes for a later date. Keep your favorite recipes handy by dropping them into Evernote. It does not matter if the recipe is hand-written by grandma or printed in a book. Taking a clear photograph or scanning the item will allow you to search for the item later in Evernote. Evernote's hand-writing recognition technology really is that good.

Restaurant Menus

Don't you love those restaurants that provide take-out menus? Don't you hate trying to keep up with them? With Evernote you can scan the menu at home or at the office and have it available when you are ready to call ahead with your lunch choice. What about those fancy restaurants that would never stoop to make a take-out menu? Of course you won't be ordering take-out from these places, but when you are there you can grab a picture with your camera phone and upload the whole menu to Evernote. You will then be able to search through your favorite restaurants' menus to remember which restaurant had that divine salad.

Remember Everything

Evernote makes it possible to remember everything. These are some ideas to get you started. Once you start using Evernote regularly, you will come up with many more ways to use their service. At some point you will wonder how you even functioned before Evernote came into your life.

If you are new to Evernote you can see a list of some of the basic things that Evernote can do. Or, maybe you have been using Evernote for a while, and are ready to read about more advanced features of Evernote.