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Electricity is a basic necessity that we need in our daily lives. Though the bills accompanied are major challenges, very few people can actually do without it. The commodity is so precious but very expensive. Are you looking for answer to the question “I need help paying my electric bill” Then you are in the right place.

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The scarcity of electricity has affected both individuals and bigger companies which require power to operate. Most of the things that we use in our lives need power to operate. If the electricity is cut off due to various reasons, then life becomes hard. In these harsh economic times, individuals try to balance their finances in order to satisfy the rising number of needs. They try to settle expenses that arise from these needs as well as save more money for future developments. These factors have made people focus more in finding ways to cut down the cost of living by saving.

Electricity and Economy

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Due to the importance of electricity, individuals have run bankrupt in the name of solving the bills. This calamity is faced in most homes and companies as power is the only source of activeness and income. These challenges have made some organizations dig deep in to the environment in order to find ways of reducing the cost of electricity. The rising demand of Electricity has proofed the effects of the saying that goes “necessity is the mother of invention”. This saying is evidenced by the act of individuals incorporating new ideas in the electrical field in order to come up with ways of solving power shortages. According to the increased level of technology, energy experts are trying to formulate plans to overcome electricity deficiency. They have ventured into the natural resources that don’t require expensive investment of modern facilities to extract power.

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The efforts of power supplying companies to cut down the cost of power supply should be motivated by economical usage of power. Users of the same products are required to invest in energy efficient technology. This involves purchasing machines that use less power to function. If this is emphasized, the ratio of power supply to power usage will increase by a certain percentage. If the percentage goes beyond optimum point, then obviously the cost of supplying power will greatly reduce.

Means of reducing the amount of electricity used

In order to reduce the cost of electricity used in the homes, individuals should play a major role in conserving the same. They should take a keen observation when buying house gadgets. If one buys a gadget that uses electricity to operate, there are various conditions he or she needs to focus on.

  • It should use limited amount of power. This will reduce the electrical bill by a certain percentage and also allow the use of money on other projects.
  • Individuals should attend power conservation programs. These programs have been facilitated by power supplying companies to ensure minimal wastage of power. They give information on processes that enhance power management.
  • The companies should formulate strategies which will enable them reach more people who use power.

All these ideas will minimize excessive usage of electricity hence reducing its demand. Despite the companies being so positive in power conservation, they should also increase the amount of reconnection fee once the power supply is cut-off. It will encourage the users not to carelessly waste the same commodity.

If we focus on fundamental issues that affect common individuals in terms of power usage, the electrical bill nightmares will be history to both the individual and the companies supplying power. If the previous bills were higher than expected, one needs to consider the following areas:

  • The lighting systems in the house
  • Ventilation gadgets like air conditioners and fans
  • Cooking trends
  • The level of discipline in power management

 If these aspects can be substituted with other means of providing energy, then the cost of the next bill will be highly reduced. 

Solutions to the factors that cause increased electrical bills

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Most companies supplying power educate their customers basing on the above factors. A step taken to reduce the cost of electricity is done by the person using it and the environment which the same electricity functions. One should consider the following:

  • Purchasing bulbs that use less power. A number of shops selling these kinds of bulbs are very expensive in terms of their prices. This should not shy off people since it’s the only solution to excessive consumption of power.
  • They should also ensure that their houses are well ventilated to reduce the frequency of using the air conditioning machines and fans.
  • Cooking is a basic activity done in every home but one should make use of naturally available sources of energy which include; using of charcoal, firewood, biogas and solar panels. This fact will minimize the use of electric cookers which consume a lot of power when preparing a single meal.
  • A lot need to be done in maintaining the level of discipline in terms of electricity management. It’s a major issue concerning the individual in particular since he or she controls every gadget that consumes power. It includes turning off unnecessary music systems whenever they are not in use, lights should be off if one is not using them. Considering the security status, the number of security lights should be reduced. If it’s not possible, then bulbs that use small amounts of power should be installed.



Effects of the government on electric bills 

The government should also play a major role in reducing the tax imposed on power supply. The cost of electricity has affected most individuals due the increased rates of tax which power supplying companies pay. In some cases, tax increments have left most citizens suffering in the hands of corrupt leaders. Some prominent individuals take advantage of the increased demand of power to benefit themselves. This problem has been observed specifically in the ministry of energy. The head of the ministry issues commands of unnecessary power increment and yet no developments have been done to upgrade the power supply systems.

This is a major challenge that has contributed to high electric bills which has made the lives of low earning individuals very difficult. They end up using all their investments trying to finance unreasonable power increment which benefit such gluttonous ministers.

The government should protect its citizens instead of taking advantage of their innocence to exploit them. This can be avoided by establishing Electricity Management Boards. These boards should take care of such cases to prevent electrical bills from hiking frequently. It should also come up with regulations that are not discriminative to all customers. People with high ranks in the society should not be favored in terms of bill management.


If all these factors are taken seriously and necessary legal acts enhanced, the life of most individuals will be cheaper. Everyone will manage his or her electricity bills without help. This step will result to a developed country since individuals will invest a lot to make the lives better. I need help in paying my electricity bills will be a slogan of the past since everyone will be financially stable to take care of the bills individually. It will also enable the power supplying companies to expand their services to the most interior parts of the country. It will be a major boost economically not only for specific individuals but to the whole country as a whole.