Ways for kids and teens to make money fast will usually fall into the odd jobs, or casual work categories. Common ways of making money are washing cars, mowing lawns, baby sitting, light computer work or assistance with chores.

If you do not like manual labor, or wish for something a little out of the ordinary, it is important to know that you are not without skills, and those skills will fetch a wage for your time and efforts. Look at your skills and get creative with what you enjoy and then market yourself for those skills through family and friends.

Skipping the Manual Labor

Another often overlooked way for young adults to make money fast is by filling out surveys online and participating in focus groups. If you have a Paypal account, that is all you need to get paid. The more time you spend and the more you do the more money you will make. Plain and simple, receiving any wage requires both effort and consistency.

How can you maximize your monetary gain for your efforts? Plain and simple, you need to pick the highest paying offers to maximize your time. It is also advisable to work hard at generating many completed surveys and offers daily. Form a bookkeeping perspective; be sure to track your offers and payments on a spreadsheet to be certain you are getting paid. Seeing the evidence of your progress on a daily basis is a motivator to continue if you get frustrated that you are not earning quickly enough.

Become a Young Entrepreneur

Many savvy young wage earners have also learned how to make tons of cash from collecting junk. Well, junk that is worth something anyway. I know several teens that have an eye for deals. They frequent online classifieds like Craigslist and Freecycle looking for free items of value that can be resold all Summer long and then have a giant multifamily garage sale at the end of the season. What they don't sell gets donated to charity, and they pocket whatever they can for their efforts. There is tons of free clothing, especially baby clothes and maternity clothes that people give away for free that still have some value when sold.

In addition to making some pretty significant cash, young people learn a lot about discipline, organization, marketing and working in self directed environments. These qualities will serve you well as you move into the work force after school.

Kids and teens do not need to feel like they can not make quite a lot of money without flipping burgers. The options are endless to make fast money. You really just need to open your mind and creativity to the options.