It doesn't matter how old or young we are it is always nice to make money. There are plenty of ways for kids to earn money and have lots of fun at the same time. For children acquiring pocket money they have earned will teach them the value of money.This is something they will take with them to adulthood and make them more financially responsible. There are also other ways for children to earn money they could start a business and sell a service:

Yard sales

Children always have old toys and games they no longer play with so help them start a yard sale to sell everything. This will help them raise some quick cash and de-clutter their bedroom or play area.

Christmas present gift wrapping

Although this is not something that can be done all year round it is something most kids would enjoy. They could put up leaflets around their neighborhood with a date that all Christmas present gift wrapping will be done for only one dollar per present. If they limit the service for one day only they are sure to get some customers. Alternatively they could knock door to door and ask people if they have anything that needs to be gift wrapped.

Dog walking

Unfortunately most people don't walk their dogs as often as they should so this makes a good opportunity for your children to make a fast buck.


Does your child have a school subject they are really good at? Tutoring will allow your kid to earn money and help others at the same time.


If your kids love being outdoors then help them start a gardening business. They could rake leaves, water plants, cut grass or anything else you can think off.

Ways for girls to earn money

Baking cakes

All children love to bake cakes so why not suggest to them that they bakes cakes and sell them to the neighbors. Most adults can't resist saying yes to a cute little kid trying to sell them something they don't want.

Ways for boys to earn money

Car washing

Most adults are too busy to wash their cars so they are often left dirty or taken to professional car washing service providers. Get your children to design some leaflets and post them through neighbors doors and on shop windows.

Raking leaves

This is something that boys are more likely to consider as it can require a lot of physical activity.

Getting you kids to earn their pocket money

Getting your children to do small chores around the house is a great way to have them obtain some cash. They will realize that money has to be earned and appreciate each coin a lot more. Something as small as asking them to take out the trash or tidy their room could be rewarded financially. You could even introduce a points system that works by adding points every time a chore is done. At the end of the month give them pocket money based on how many points they have.

Here are some things you could get them to do:

- Take out the trash.

- Tidy their room.

- Clean your car.

- Rake some leaves.

- Shovel snow.

- Take the dog for a walk.

Tips and warnings

Never allow your child to walk around the neighborhood talking to strangers.If your child needs to go knocking door to door to drum up some business and make sales you should make sure they have at least two other friends with them or an adult.

There are plenty of ways for kids to earn money. When they find something they enjoy give them support and advice whenever they need it.