There are several things to consider as you search for that elusive 'sleep like a baby' night's sleep that you are after. First of all, you should determine what it is that may be causing your sleep problems. In other words, is it actually your futon mattress or is it some other problem with your health or life. These are the big questions to ask yourself. A medical condition like sleep apnea or something that causes you to feel restless like restless leg syndrome are just a couple of health related causes of poor sleep.

Other problems with sleeping that are issues outside of your mattress could be things like drinking too much alcohol before bed. Alcohol will cause you to sleep or pass out if you drink excessively but your sleep will not be restful. This is because your body does not reach that rejuvenation cycle in sleep. So, you wake up feeling tired. Strange but true. Your futon can not be blamed for a problem like this. Likewise, stress and anxiety that weigh heavily on your mind will affect your ability to get restful sleep. If you are worrying about your bills or care of your family, then it is hard to rest easy at night.

So, Here Are Ways That Your Futon Mattress Can Help

Let's break it down into a few different areas. First, the materials that make up your futon will have a large part in determining the quality of your sleep. The older futons that were made of just cotton batting wrapped around a foam core did not do justice to your body in the long run. Sure, they were comfortable at first, but they were more suited for the couch aspect of the futon rather than the mattress aspect. In temporary situations for guests, the cotton futon mattress is fine. You should consider the support factor the main issue when trying to get the best sleep on your bed. For some, this means a softer feel, for others it is more firm. Today, you can a futon that has memory foam, wool batting, inner-coiled springs and more just like a conventional mattress.

Another thing you'll want to consider is the size of your bed. Admittedly, futons have a challenge in this area. Most futons are queen sized and smaller. This is because in our country, we use them mostly for couch-bed conversions for occasional sleeping. However, if you are looking at using a futon mattress for your sleeping arrangement each night and you sleep with a partner, then size could be an issue. With more than one person in the bed, 'mattress real estate' becomes a greater concern. If your partner is an active sleeper, this affects you and vice versa. With these things in mind, you should be able to find one of the modern futon mattresses to suit both of your styles to get that heavenly sleep.