In the modern world diabetes is becoming like peoples lifestyle. This is because it is nowadays becoming popular in all the parts of the world. One might be wondering what this diabetes is, it is a chronic disease which increase the level of sugar in the blood system.

There are various things that can lead to this disease that is through the infection of a specific virus or bacteria, when one is exposed to food-borne chemicals, when there is insufficient insulin in the body or when the insulin is abnormal that is when it does not work properly, obesity, physical inactivity, pregnancy and lastly when a certain disease damages the pancreas.

People should also beware that there are some of the things that don’t cause diabetes. These include eating of junk foods such as sweets, this only causes obesity. Stress also does not cause and the fact that it is not contagious it cannot be passed from one person to another.
There are different ways in which one can detect that he or she has diabetes in the blood. Its symptoms include, frequent urination, blurry vision, feeling over thirsty, fatigue, excessive hunger and weight loss.

There are three  ways in which one can categorize diabetes that is type one, two and lastly the gestational diabetes .In all this categories diabetes  occurs at different levels that are determined by age. To start with type one occurs in young people, type two in adults and gestational diabetes in pregnant women. In the young people it is because their bodies cannot be in a position to make insulin or it makes very little. In type two the major cause might be obesity.

In case you want to be assured about your health, it’s good to undergo tests that will give you an assurance. The tests include urine test though it is not the perfect test to go for. You can also do a blood test where you will get full assurance about your health. One   can as well go for screening. Screening is normally preferred to the people with type2 diabetes.

Keeping in mind that this disease has no cure, there are different ways for a person to treat it. If you are diagnosed with this disease then you are supposed to seek medical advice. This involves the taking of medicines prescribed to you by the doctor and doing exercises to control the blood sugar levels.

There are also some ways that one can use to prevent this disease. For example one is supposed to check on the weight and also them lifestyle that you live. In order for you to be safe, make sure that you frequently visit your doctor at least four times in a year.