Children under the age of five are likely to be infected by various diseases. It will be easier to treat the disease once detected early. If enough caution is not taken, then it means that more deaths will occur. Some of the common diseases in childhood are:

Continuous coughing, high temperatures, small rashes on the body of the child, running nose and eyes can be the symptom of measles. It is good to rush to the hospital for treatment.

You may notice your child has a problem when swallowing anything, or may be unable to breathe, throat swelling and high body temperature. Take your child for immunization which can react faster on this disorder.

Chicken pox
The symptoms of chicken pox are some tiny rashes and blisters around the chest which eventually, fill the body, fever but not high, the child may sometimes complain of headaches. You can treat it by isolating the child to avoid more spreading.  Apply calamine lotion which is available in most hospitals and pharmacies. It is always good to feed your child with lots of fluid.

Whooping cough
Through immunization, it can be treated. Its signs are coughing and sometimes coughing blood and vomiting. Do not over-feed the child during this time.

A parent may think that the diarrhea in a child is because of teething. It might not be the case. Watery loose greenish stool can be symptoms of this disease. Take your child to the doctor for treatment. At home, give lots of fluid especially boiled water. The best food to  give to the sick child is digestible.

Symptoms and treatments are the same with those of diarrhea. Precaution is taken when treating them and nothing should be ignored.

Hand foot and mouth disease
Symptoms of this disease are blisters forming around the mouth, hand and foot of the child. Give plenty fluid to the suffering child.

Scarlet fever
The sick child should be isolated from the healthy ones. This is because, scarlet fever spreads quickly. For treatment, get some antibiotics from the doctors.

In general, children are always prone to being infected with various infections. As a parent, be keen to see any abnormal condition with your child and seek medical help immediately. When your child tells you that he or she is feeling some pain, do not ignore. Know the cause of the pain and take a step to make sure it is treated; whatever it is.