Be Brave

Why be brave? Being brave can change the journey and outcome of your life and sometimes the life of another. In 2014 make it your resolve to be brave. Here are some ways to do so.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

If we only ever ate peanut butter and jelly because we know we like it how would we ever get to experience the savory taste of a fine rib-eye steak seared to perfection.  In order to get more out of our 70 or 80 years of life we have to go beyond our comfort limits and experience the unknown in an effort to make assessments of who we are and continue to build character.  Try saying yes to more social invites even if you’re shy or nervous about not knowing many people there.  You may end up having a wonderful time. Have you always wanted to sing at Karaoke night, but never mustered up the courage? Practice a song you love, do whatever helps you relax beforehand and resolve to just do it. Resolve not to let yourself be stuck living within the realms of what’s comfortable. 

Take on a New Challenge

Is there an endeavor you’ve been putting off or shying away from because it will demand time and effort? Be brave and take up the challenge. Look into going back to school if that’s your desire.  Many universities are catering to the needs of busy adults by providing flexible schedules and online courses. If you’re stuck on a career path that you no longer want to be on, conquer the fear of the unknown and start on a new path toward an occupation that better suits you.  There is no harm in keeping an eye on the market and submitting resumes until you find “the one”.  For those with an entrepreneur spirit, explore your business ideas and seek to bring them to fruition.  Whatever the challenge may be, use 2014 to begin working on it.

Tackle Problems Head On

When problems arise, and they always do, avoid the passive approach of letting them consume you. Instead, be positive, be brave and take action. For example, if it’s a health issue, consume as much literature about the ailment as possible and educate yourself on all the ways to treat it. Tap into the benefits of shared experience by befriending those who currently deal or have dealt with a similar condition in the past. This approach can be applied to a number of problems and help place you on the offensive rather than the defensive.  Again, research the issue, explore your options for solving it, and get help from others.

Speak Up

As John Mayer sang “Say What You Need to Say”.  Do not let your voice and opinion be silenced for self-invoked reasons. Tell those you love how you feel about them, speak up in defense of what is right, tell your boss about the idea you have, find a confidant or try writing to let out what’s been pent up inside. Instead of falling back on expressions like “I don’t care”, “whatever you think” or “that’s fine” be brave and know that your thoughts and feelings have value and deserve to be expressed. Be respectful and thoughtful in your expressions, but do not shrink back from letting yourself be heard.

Assess Your Relationships

The social aspects of our life can contribute greatly to our happiness or lack thereof; therefore, it’s important that we maintain good, positive relationships with family and friends. Muster up the courage needed to get rid of or limit contact with those who are a toxic influence. If you have been longing to make new acquaintances set goals toward going out more and take an interest in those you come in contact with; let down your guard and allow others to get to know you as well. Those desirous of finding a romantic partner can be brave and try out new approaches like online dating or joining a shared interest group.

Make a Change in Your Appearance

Bravery can be manifest even in something as simple as modifying your appearance.  Have fun with some new shades of lipstick or eye shadow; if in the budget, get a professional makeup consultation and keep up with the new look throughout the year.  Add a new color to your wardrobe or purchase the item that you feel amazing in, but are shying away from buying.  If you have been wearing the same hairstyle for many years to avoid change, make 2014 the year you bravely take on a new look.