Motorcycle With warm weather is just around the corner and motorcycles are being tuned up, shined up and fired up. There is nothing like the freedom of the open road, all your worries are out of site and out of mind. But are they? Let's say the wind is blowing through your hair, the sun is shining and don't have a care in the world. Then all of a sudden you're hit by a rock thrown up by the truck in front of you, which could have been prevented with a little preparation and motorcycle safety. Or maybe someone pulls out in front of you and you have to swerve to miss them. Laying your bike down and skidding along the road. Great day gone bad quick

Safety should always be a priority when on the road and always kept in the back of your mind. There are many ways to prevent an accident and keep potentially dangerous things from ruining your day or worse, keeping this from being your last ride. In the following paragraphs are some of the easiest ways to keep safe and reduce the amount of injuries you would suffer if your where to be in an accident.

The first thing is always, always, always where a helmet. Even on short trips and if at all possible a full face helmet which will cut down on the wind and noise. It will also deflect bugs and other debris from the road and a strong chin piece can help reduce facial injuries in an accident. One of the next things you can do to stay safe is to invest in a riding jacket, pants and a rain suit. These will help you stay comfortable in bad weather and protect you from the sun. In an accident leather or abrasive-resistant fabrics like Kevlar will lesson the injuries you may suffer. Also it's a good idea to wear gloves to protect your hands and ankle high boots, which will help protect the feet and ankles in a crash and keep you from being burned by the exhaust pipes.

Another good idea is to attend a motorcycle safety and riding class. These classes will go a long way to helping you stay safe on the road and are definitely worth the money. Last put not least in defensive driving, always look out for the other guy. Stay safe and have fun.