Stay Cool Tips

Drink plenty of water while exercising


Summer is a long awaited season for many that endure the shorter days, windy and cold temperatures of winter but, summer can also be a very dangerous time of year because of the heat with humidity and can result in heat rashes, heat exhaustion and even heat stroke and death. The elderly, young children and those with medical conditions are the most vulnerable to problems associated with heat and need to take these precautions to stay safe during the hot summer months. Pets can suffer from the heat as well so, don't forget to use these tips for pet safety too. Even athletes and healthy individuals can suffer from the heat so everyone can benefit from learning how to beat the heat. If you live in a warm climate or need ways to stop sweating bullets during hot summers, read on.


Top Ten Tips to Stay Cool and Safe:


Take a cool shower or bath. Problems from heat arise when the body temperature rises and is unable to cool down. Taking a cool shower or bath daily is a great way to start the cool down process during summer months. Two showers a day may be necessary for extremely hot days and will make you feel better.


Wear white and lightweight clothing. Breathable fabrics help to keep the body cool and reduces sweating and loss of fluids. Choose cotton and other breathable fabric instead of synthetics which will not allow heat to escape from the body.


Eat fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. Eat light during the summer heat with fresh fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of water, add vitamins, nutrients and hydrate the body without a bloating feeling from heavy foods. Snack on popcicles or fruit bars as another way to cool off the body.


Drink more water. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water daily to stay cool, stay focused, reduce headaches and to prevent problems from the scorching temperatures such as burns, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Continue drinking water until you are no longer thirsty and avoid dehydration. The darker your urine, the more you need more water! Urine should be a very light yellow color so pay attention to it to easily know if you're drinking enough water or not. See my favorite water additive below to enhance the flavor of plain water.


Stay in cool and shady areas. Spend time in rooms with air conditioning or cool rooms with opened windows and fans or at least stay in the shade if you must be outdoors due to work. Do whatever you can to stay cool and safe.


Stay cool with Chill-It's Cooling Towel. Just soak this reusable towel in ice cold water for several minutes, wring out and wrap around neck to stay cool and reduce heat stress or try the Body Cooling Neck Wrap Bandana which works the same way.


Avoid the hottest hours of the day. Plan outdoor work or other activities during the early morning hours or later in the day when the suns rays are not as hot and there is less humidity.


Use an umbrella. Keep an umbrella handy if you will be outdoors for extended periods of time. Today's umbrellas help to reduce the harmful rays of the sun as well as to offer shade.


Wear a hat outdoors to beat the heat. A wide brimmed hat not only looks great in the summer but, also offers protection from the suns rays and the hot temperatures.


Use sunscreen! Sunscreen offers protection of the skin and prevents damage from the UVA and UVB rays if broad spectrum is chosen. Protecting the skin is one of the best ways to stay comfortable and safe during the hottest summer days or in areas that almost always have a hot climate. Reapply sunscreen every hour using the recommended amount, which is usually at least one ounce.


Follow these stay cool tips for summer and make sure to check on your neighbors, elderly family, pets and keep children safe.


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