Become Eco-Friendly!

The last decade, many scientists have found how our lifestyles are causing harm to the environment.  From our affliction of large vehicles to constantly replacing latest technology, we have become excessively wasteful.  Most of us are now trying to change our carbon footprint with ways to go green at home.  By making small household changes it can have a large effect on our environment!


  • Purchasing reusable grocery bags can eliminate thousands of plastic bags that would have ended back into a landfill.  They also haul more than a standard plastic bag, making grocery shopping a lot easier!
  • Do you receive a lot of junk mail?  Even with this economy, it seems that companies are still sending mass mailings.  Contact the company and have your name and address removed from their list. 
  • Unplug electrical cords and turn off the lights to cut using excess electricity. This will save money and extend the life of your electronics and light bulbs. 


  • Old jars and containers make great storage for leftovers.   
  • Reuse the plastic bags from the grocery stores to carry your lunch.  
  • Broken items can be used for arts and crafts, like using old Monopoly pieces to create a nifty necklace or turn an old television set into a fish aquarium. 
  • Before you throw out your old sweaters, use the fabric to create new mittens, socks, or thrifty handbag. 
  • Don't scrap your old furniture. You can use your old table as a new work bench or to build a model railroad set. 


  • Many communities offer recycling services with garbage collection.  If you have these services in your area, take advantage of them.
  • Learn how to compost to cut the amount of organic waste. Compost materials can be used as a fertilizer for any garden. 
  • Sometimes there is not enough time to attempt selling your old electronics on Ebay or Craigslist. Best Buy will take old electronics and cords for free. If you want to make some money, sell your old goods on 


  • Consider replacing your inefficient vehicle for a new hybrid model. Toyota, Ford, and Honda all have new models that offer great gas mileage. Save money at the pump, and the environment. 
  • Take advantage of the fact that your household needs a new furnace or new appliances and replace them with new energy-saving models. 
  • Replace your old light bulbs with the new bulbs that last 3x longer. 

Go Digital

  • Apple has created iTunes, where users can buy everything from T.V. episodes to music singles. There are even green apps for your iPhone! Stop purchasing physical albums and DVDs that will eventually wind up in the trash. 
  • The new Amazon Kindle has changed the way books are purchased and read.  The Kindle even allows users to subscribe to newspapers and magazines. Before you buy that paperback, purchase a digital copy and never worry about storing or discarding the novel. 
  • With the use of e-mails, offices can also save on paper waste by emailing letters and other documents.


Going Green is easier than ever, but it does take some lifestyle adjustment. By taking just a few small steps, you can cut your carbon footprint and even save some money!