This article provides information about sperm count boosting and fertility revival, thus helping the male to function and perform optimally.

Low sperm count is a problem that has caused marriages to break away and inflicted injuries to many hearts. This results to absence of peace in many homes, due to absence of conceptions and children in such marriages and families. The answer is boosting sperm counts and revitalizing fertility level in male spouses. The following ways can help boost sperm count and bring about optimal fertility.

  1. Avoid Alcohol consumption and Smoking

Alcohol and smoking are dangerous to your health and they work against sperm production and fertility. Alcohol and smoking are known to change the normal functioning of the body and reduces the ability of sperm production called spermatogenesis.

  1. Eat balanced diets

Balanced diets contribute to sperm production and sperm count. Eat fruits and vegetables regularly and daily to boost your sperm count and increase your fertility level. It is recommended that you eat five or more servings of fruits and vegetables, a handful of nuts, three servings of beans and whole grains.

Beans, whole grains and nuts are known to have nutrients that boost sperm quality, while fruits and vegetables have a type of fructose that is absent in persons with low sperm counts and poor sperm motility. You must eat pesticides free foods, by making sure that foods eaten are grown without pesticides.

  1. Avoid or Take Caffeine according to your Condition

It is ascertained that those with low sperm count, should take caffeine to increase fertility, while those with normal sperm count need to avoid caffeine, as this may affect their chances of impregnating their spouse. If you do not consume coffee and your sperm count is low, drink two cups a day for a month and go for a check to find out if there is any increase.

  1. Treat any Urinary tract infection and venereal Diseases

Infections of the urinary tract and reproductive systems have been known to cause low sperm counts. Gonorrhea, syphilis, and Chlamydia infections if not treated properly can cause low sperm count and low fertility. You need to go for check up and treat any infections.

  1. Take Supplements

Fertility levels can be boosted with supplements, singly or as combined supplements that contain all the nutrients. After taking supplements, get tested for any increase or improvements. Boost sperm production by taking vitamin B12, 100 to 300mcg daily; vitamin C, 1,000mg daily; vitamin E, 400 I.U. daily; Selenium, 200mcg daily; Zinc, 50mg daily; Amino acid (Arginine), 4g daily with food.

  1. Wear Free Size Panties

Wearing of tight fitted panties and nylon affects the temperature of the scrotum negatively, resulting in low sperm counts or low sperm production ability. So, avoid tight fitting panties and nylon.

Follow up your sperm boosting and fertility revitalizing ways with semen tests to see improvements.

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