There are many supplements available in the market, but you definitely need to buy the best Omega 3 supplement that can be used for a variety of health benefits. These fatty acids are some of the newest supplements that have been introduced in the recent times. Basically, the Omega 3 fatty acids fall into two distinct groups.

First, we look into the different types of these fatty acids. The first type is called the DHA. This acronym stands for DocosaHexaenoic Acid. The next type is called the EPA which means EicosaPentaonic Acid. The third and the last type is known as ALA which stands for AlphaLinolenic Acid. The first two types, namely the DHA and the EHA, are most commonly found in the fish oils. These fish oils primarily include sardines, tuna and salmon amongst others. However, the third type is not found in fish oils.

The ALA is an acid that is mostly found in plant foods. These can include a large number of products like seeds, vegetable oils and nuts. Amongst the vegetable oils, this acid is majorly found in the flaxseed oil. So, how would you know which is the best Omega 3 supplement that is perfect for your requirements? Read on to find out.

As I have mentioned above, the Omega 3 fatty acids falls into two different categories. The first among these categories is performed into long chain Omega 3 acids. These are the DHA, EPA and the DPA acids that the body needs to convert. The other category has what we call the ALA acids. These acids are generally found in the flaxseed oils and the perilla oils. The ALA has to undergo an inefficient and difficult process while transforming into usable DHA. However, when ALA is found in fish oils, it is known to have the best of advantages.

All the three types of Omega 3 fatty acids play huge roles in trying to maintain a healthy heart, healthy kidneys and a healthy digestive system. The body should get these acids through the regular diet. If this is not possible, supplements are given to the body to make up for the absent acids. If the body gets enough of these acids, it can be protected against disorders like cardio vascular diseases. Also, it has lower triglycerides which means fewer amounts of fats in the blood and an increase in the level of HDL that indicates that the body has good cholesterol.

The best Omega 3 supplement will help your body prevent the buildup of cholesterol. Cholesterol is bad for the body because it clogs up arteries thus reducing the risk of cardio attacks and strokes. Also, these acids prevent the blood platelets from getting sticky and joining together causing the formation of blood clots.

It is important to know exactly when to buy Omega 3 supplements because there is no recommended daily allowance for it. Even then, it is advisable to include at least 1 gram daily in our daily intake. Doses that are more than 3 grams are bad because they cause blood to thin excessively. It may also result in a lot of bleeding and reduction of blood clotting ability. Excessive intake may also result in the rise of blood sugar levels and reduction in the production of insulin in the body. It is mandatory to check the label before buying the best Omega 3 supplement for your body.

There are many manufacturers that might cheat you by adding extra fish oils other than the ones required. This can be very harmful for the body. The pure quality supplements will contain only the necessary Omega 3 fish oils. Also, it is necessary to check with your physician for the correct dosage before adding any kind of supplement to your diet or even before you consider purchasing the Omega 3 supplements.

For the best Omega 3 supplement, make sure you look for one that includes the right kind of fish oils. Te oils should be rich in DHA and must be obtained from a fish that belongs to clean natural resources. Also, check if the fish oils have been processed and undergone all the various treatments required to get rid of all the present toxins, PCBS and metals.

Omega 3 supplements should be made mandatory for lactating and expecting mothers. These supplements have been proven to develop and increase the visual performance of babies. Also, the cognitive development gets a boost. The DHA present in fish and flaxseed oils can help relieve mental problems like depression and stress. Food types like tuna, salmon and halibut should be included in the diet as they are rich in Omega 3 acids.

If you are not getting enough of these, you can always make up for it with the best Omega 3 supplement. This will help you pick up where your body shows deficiency. Although fish oils are good for the body, it is better to take care with the intake of cod oil. The reason behind this is that cod oil contains very high level of Vitamin A. this is not very healthy because it can cause bones to weaken.

While buying these supplements, make sure you check the dosage. The best Omega 3 supplement should contain 1,000 milligrams of DHA and EPA. The fantastic combination of DocosaHexaenoic acid and EicosaPentaonic acid works really well to produce the richest quality of Omega 3 fatty acids. The blend works effectively for reducing the risk of heart diseases and lower the cholesterol level of the body.

Another thing to be kept in mind while buying these supplements is test for purity. Many of us worry about the supplements being adulterated with mercury and lead. This is mostly the case with fish and flaxseed oils. Results have shown that many FDA approved omega 3 fatty acids have to contain all these ingredients in sufficient levels.

Moreover, these levels can be tested by tasting them. If it has a very fishy taste, there is a probability of mercury levels that can harm an individual. Keep all these things in mind and make sure you choose the best Omega 3 supplement for yourself.