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There are a lot of contributing factors associated with premature aging, such as the use of synthetic skin products, toxins in the food, water and air, and stress due to work and family matters. Other factors such as smoking, the damaging effects of the sun and drinking alcoholic beverages also result in the development of wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. Fortunately, by using natural remedies, skin care products and technology, you will be able to defy premature aging.

Manage your stress levels

Dealing with stress is paramount if you want the body to function properly. Too much stress in the body results in the release of certain hormones, which affects one’s overall health. While managing stress can be difficult for most people, it is essential to find ways on how to deal with it. It is common knowledge that stress can actually cause the development of fine lines and wrinkles. Soon enough, you will notice that your face is drooping, especially in the jaw line. Experts recommend breathing techniques and meditation to deal with stress.


Retinol and vitamin E

These are two powerful ingredients that can help lessen the development of wrinkles. They can also make the skin more elastic and moisturized. When looking for skin care products, make sure to read the labels and avoid those with parabens in them since they are known to be harmful to the skin. In addition, avoid skin care products with artificial fragrances and mineral oil as these can clog the skin pores, hence, irritating the skin.


Think positive

Aging is all in the mind. If you could only train your brain to think positive things and not worry too much, you will feel better, resulting in a younger-looking skin. Make it a point to wake up in the morning with a positive attitude and try to be happy everyday – and whenever something troublesome or stressful thing happens, try not to dwell on the problem; instead, focus your attention to finding the solution.


Green tea

Many studies show that green tea is an effective way to help maintain a youthful skin. These days, a lot of skin care products (lotions, moisturizers, cleansers, masks) contain green tea as their main ingredient. This is because it has EGCG, which is a potent antioxidant that can fight harmful toxins in the body.



While the act of sleeping may seem trivial when it comes to ways to defy premature aging but the truth is, it is something that most people are deprived of. Keep in mind that sleeping is essential to allow the body to rest and rejuvenate. This is especially important as people age because of stress.

Experts recommend sleeping early in the evening in order to lessen fine lines and wrinkles. No matter how busy you are with work or with the household chores, let all these tasks wait in the morning and make sure to sleep early.


Regular exercise

If you want to defy premature aging, it is important to exercise regularly. Aside from keeping the body healthy and building muscles, regular exercise can also help in transporting nutrients all over the body, detoxification, alleviating stress and lowering the body cholesterol. It is recommended to perform various types of workout such as resistance training, aerobic exercise and stretching.

Aerobic workout helps enhance the circulation of blood and make the lungs and heart stronger. In addition, it helps improve the quality of sleep, helps in the digestion process and in reducing stress and anxiety. Several studies have also shown that aerobic exercises such as jogging, dancing, hiking or walking can delay bone loss.

On the other hand, strength training can help develop bone mass, which is essential in the prevention of osteoporosis. With regular strength training exercises, you will be able to build muscle mass and enhance your metabolism, which will keep the body and the mind healthy.

There are also simple activities that can help stimulate the mind and the body such as gardening, tennis, golf and dancing. Generally, keeping your mind and body active is an effective way to defy premature aging.


Eat healthy

There are certain types of food that can help maintain a youthful skin. What the skin needs is food items that are rich in antioxidants. Go for fresh vegetables, nuts and fruits. These antioxidants are effective in eliminating free radicals in the body. Vitamin C, carotenoids and vitamin C are also essential in keeping your skin healthy and younger looking.


Protect yourself from the sun’s UV rays

Studies have shown that too much exposure to the sun’s UV rays is harmful to the skin because it breaks down the collagen of the skin. Therefore, make sure to protect your eyes and your skin from the sun by wearing sunglasses and long sleeve shirts. If you cannot avoid going out, apply sunscreen lotion with the right SPF protection for your skin.


Quit smoking and drinking too much alcohol

Aside from the fact that smoking causes life-threatening diseases such as heart disease, lung cancer and emphysema, it can also accelerate the process of aging. Smoking can cause wrinkles and make the skin dry and prone to irritation such as acne.

Drinking too much alcohol can also affect the condition of your skin. while red wine is known be beneficial to the heart, it is important to note that drinking alcohol should be done in moderation. Excessive alcohol drinking does not only cause premature aging but it can also have negative physiological effects.



Experts recommend applying lotion and moisturizer before going to sleep. This is because at this time, the skin is able to absorb the cream better due to the higher temperature of the body. Choose lotions and cosmetic products that contain retinoids as these compounds can help enhance the production of collagen and the renewal of skin cells.



To keep your hands and feet clean and healthy, it is essential to scrub them regularly using a brush and warm water. Apart from stimulating the skin, regular massage also helps regulate blood pressure, relieves stiffness and flushes out harmful toxins from the body. Additionally, a good massage can help lessen stress and can make you feel relaxed.


Rose water

Keep your skin nourished and hydrated with rose water. According to experts, rose water can help rejuvenate and tone the skin. It can also restore the moisture balance and glow of the skin. Using cosmetic products with rosehip can help defy premature aging by improving the levels of elastin collagen and aiding cell degeneration.



Did you know that a simple smile can boost your immunity levels, lower blood pressure and release serotin and endorphins? So if you want to look good and feel young, keep smiling!


Spread love

Once you know how to love yourself (pampering yourself every once in a while is never a crime), it is time fall in love. Remember, falling in love and staying in love is a powerful way to defy premature aging and to keep your mind and body young. Everyone who has experienced being in love can attest to the fact that being in a romantic relationship can make any person feel younger.