Today there are many opportunities available to make extra money on the side in addition to your full time job.  Depending on the amount you want to make and the effort you put into it will determine how much extra money is brought in.

One way to make extra money is by selling Avon.  It is inexpensive to start, and you can apply for as little as $10.  You will receive current campaign books to hand out to potential customers.  Earnings vary, and are based on how much of an order is placed.  You can expect to receive anywhere from 0 to 40% off depending on base sales, and what you earn is the difference between your cost and what the customer is charged.  Your customers can order from you directly, or shop online and have their items delivered to their home.  You decide how much time you want to put into selling items.  Other ways to earn sales are by asking local beauty shops or doctor's office if you may leave magazines in the lobby for customers to browse.  Avon has been around for over a hundred years, and offers a variety of products such as makeup, perfume, clothing, shoes, skin or bath care, and items for the home.  They have recently started selling hair color.  They offer a good variety of products for the shopper and have something for everyone.  Avon also offers many incentives to their sales reps, such as savings accounts and discounts on insurance.

If selling isn't your thing, there are other opportunities to cash in on.  One website, keyforcash, offers compensation for data entry skills.  There is no fee to join, and if you are interested simply visit their website and apply.  You will be evaluated and placed on a waiting list.  KeyforCash began in 2001, and mainly relies on existing employees to spread the word instead of advertising jobs.  If selected, you can choose from numeral, alpha, or check box data entry.  Pay  is based on how much you work, or how much work is available.  Certain times of the year are much slower than others.  You can log in at any time of day or night and work as long as work is available.  KeyforCash is only offered to those who live in the continental 48 states, or if you have lived internationally for the past three years consecutively.  You will need a computer with access to the internet in order to log in and begin working. 

Become a mystery shopper.  If you live in an area where there is a lot of retail/restaurants you can sign up to become a mystery shopper.  Typically after signing up you will be sent local assignments for your area and you can choose if you want to accept it or not.  One tricky thing with mystery shopper is if they send you in to specifically ask for a certain product and you don't, then you won't get paid for the trip.  Be sure to go over the assignment details before going in the shop to be sure you don't miss any of the small print.  Some of the companies will even reimburse you partially for purchases made in the store while mystery shopping.  This is a great idea for people who are detail oriented and like to shop.

There are various websites that offer payment for filling out surveys.  Personally I haven't found one that didn't require serious time and effort to even see a check, but there may be some out there who like to do this.

If you like to write you can start blogging if you are willing to commit to a long term project that will take time to start seeing any money from.  Or if you enjoy writing stories, try publishing an ebook.  If you have html or graphics knowledge many companies hire individuals to create websites or banners.

If working online doesn't suit you, there are still other ways to earn money.  If you just need some quick cash for a one time event, you can try having a yard sale or haul your stuff to a local flea market.  You would be surprised how much can be made spending one morning just selling your gently used clothing and household items.  If you like to bake try baking cookies or something simple that people can eat while they walk around and look.  Or if you are into canning food items these are also popular at flea markets.  If you have items that are rather expensive or collectible you may do better selling them on eBay or advertising them locally.  Many local auctions will also let you set a reserve price before running the item before the crowd, so that if no bids reach your desired amount you can still walk away with your item.

Maybe you have a talent in art, or building things, or working on cars.  Use these skills to your advantage.  These days there are plenty of ways to advertise without spending a lot of money.  You can place an ad on Craigslist, in a local paper, or even online social sites like Facebook or twitter.  If you enjoy kids offer to babysit at a certain time each week.  Some people even hire someone to water their plants, house sit, or pet sit when they are going on an extended trip.  Go to area businesses and offer to clean offices after business hours.   Become a lifeguard or a coach for your local recreation department.  If you are very knowledgeable in certain subjects tutor kids or help with homework or projects, or even sign up to be a substitute teacher.  Run an ad to iron clothes.  You would be surprised how many people will pay someone else to iron their clothing for them.  Or maybe you can sew well and can repair articles of clothing.  If you are good at photography offer discounted photos for family and friends.

Whichever method you choose to begin, just remember that most of the time earning money doesn't happen over night and it may take some time to see expected profits with some of these methods.