It's not uncommon for people to earn extra money with a side job. Unfortunately for many, the primary source of income in a household is just not enough. Therefore seeking a second source of income is necessary. Although this could be a pain to find another job, there are actually some fun jobs out there to make some extra money.

Bartending - If you love the bar scene and go out all the time, why not consider bartending? Getting trained is usually painless. There are always bartending schools and training courses for you to get started locally, although some bars or restaurants may not require it. You could even get trained online. The money you make bartending varies, and is based primarily on tips, but you could easily make $20 an hour at most jobs.

Waiting Tables - This could also be ideal for someone who works a 8-4 or 9-5 as you could take a night shift. It is probably one of the more rough side jobs, but you can certainly make a lot of money at a busy restaurant. Expect to work hard, and try to be friendly and helpful to customers.

Pizza Delivery - Love pizza? Love your car, too? Why not plug in your IPOD and deliver some pizzas on a Saturday night? Pizza delivery is super-easy - all you really need is a GPS and a car. You must have a valid license, of course. You should also have a reliable car, preferable a Honda or Toyota, something also good on gas because you'll be putting some miles on. Get a towel or something you can put on the backseat, because it may get messy! Pizza delivery is also tipped-based, with individual tips ranging from $1-10. You could easily make $100 in tips on a 5-hour shift. It's probably the easiest - and tastiest - way to make money with a side job. 

Babysitting - Babysitting is one of the easiest on the list of side jobs to make money. If you have a friend or relative who needs help with kids, why not give them a call to babysit? You could also babysit animals such as dogs and cats, and get paid extra for walking them. If you're looking after kids and puppies you must be responsible! But if you are good with kids, then this could be the perfect side job for you for extra cash.

I hope this list was helpful to you. These are just a few ways you can earn extra money with a side job.