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One of the most frequently asked questions in online forums and question sites like WebAnswers is how to earn money working from home. Even when the economy is strong, there are still an enormous number of people who are looking for legitimate home businesses. During a weak economy, the number of people who want some money making ideas sky rockets. People often ask how to earn extra money, the best work from home jobs, and similar questions.

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Reasons for Working from Home

There are many reasons why people want to earn extra cash working from home. Perhaps they have several young children at home, and realize that the cost of childcare, transportation and other expenses would use up nearly all their take-home pay from a traditional job. Maybe they need to care for an elderly parent or handicapped relative, so it is difficult for them to get away for very long. In some cases, they may be ill and find it difficult to work long hours outside the home. Often senior citizens need to supplement their retirement income and want to make extra cash. Each person has their own unique needs, but they all want to know how to earn money from home. Whatever your reason may be, you may be curious to learn about easy ways to earn money without leaving the house.

Traditional Ways to Earn Money at Home

Long before there were computers, and even before there were telephones, many people were able to work from home. Many of the money making jobs they created for themselves are still available to people today. Here are some examples of jobs that you may be able to do, too.

First, working as a babysitter is a home business that has probably existed for hundreds of years, or longer, and is still in great demand. Check with your local city or county government to see if you need a license to run a home daycare business. There may be limits on how many children you can have in your home, or you may need to take special classes. It may also be necessary for you to make simple safety modifications to your home, such as having a fenced backyard. However, this can be a lucrative business for the person who enjoys being around children.

If you don't want to have children in your home all day, every day, you can still provide childcare on a limited basis. For example, you could offer a Mother's Day Out one or two mornings a week. Another possibility is to have Date Night babysitting in your home on Friday or Saturday evenings a few times a month. These are ways you can earn several hundred dollars a month from home, without having to work a 40 hour week. You would also be providing an invaluable service to young mothers in your neighborhood.

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If you don't want to work with children, another possibility is to offer a typing service or secretarial service from home. You could type resumes or term papers for people who are not skilled at using a keyboard, for example. You can also work as a personal assistant from home, running errands, paying bills, doing the bookkeeping for a business, etc.

If you are really good at doing computer research, you could assist people who need help in that area. For example, you could start a home business helping people learn about their ancestors, and completing their family tree.

An additional money making opportunity is providing phone answering for a local business. Are you willing to take calls in the middle of the night for the local locksmiths, plumbers, electricians, veterinarians or other business people who may sometimes get late night phone calls? If so, you could start your own phone service by contacting local businesses and offering to have them forward their calls to you. You may need a business license and a designated phone line. You also need to be a "night owl" or a light sleeper.

If you want to provide a service to local businesses, but you don't want to take late night phone calls, you could take the necessary classes to do light bookkeeping or tax preparation in your home.

Another way you can earn money from home is to pass on a skill that you have. You can tutor neighborhood children, give piano lessons, or teach neighborhood women to quilt or sew. If you have a skill, you may find someone who is willing to pay you to teach it to them.

How to Make Extra Cash Selling Products from Home

For decades, many women have sold products such as Tupperware, Shaklee Products or Mary Kay Cosmetics from their homes. Now, there are even more products that can be sold from home. Some people sell jewelry, vitamins, cleaning products, clothing, and home decorator items from their homes. They may advertise on the internet, have a website, or simply host home parties in order to promote their products.

With the advent of eBay, and Craig's List, there are even more opportunities to sell products from home. Some people sell their used books on Others sell extra items from their own home on eBay or Craig's List. Many people go to neighborhood garage sales to find cheap items that they can resell on the internet. In addition, some people earn a commission by handling internet sales for their friends who are uncomfortable using eBay or Craig's List.

If you like to create art or crafts, and are looking for a way to market them, you might have success by promoting them on sites like Redbubble or etsy. At the very least, you could earn enough to cover the cost of your supplies, so you could afford to continue to pursue your craft.

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Best Ways to Make Money Writing on the Internet

In addition to all the traditional ways people have earned money from home, the internet has given us additional choices.

If you like to write, you could write articles on websites like InfoBarrel or Hubpages. Gradually, as your library of articles gets larger and larger, you will earn a steady passive income from the articles. This income might be small, depending on how much you write, but could go on for years. As you gradually increase the size of your online article library, and learn how to improve your writing, your income will gradually grow, too. Passive income is nice; it means that you will continue to earn from your articles for a long time after you stop writing.  In addition to InfoBarrel and Hubpages, other legitimate websites are Bubblews, DailyTwoCents and Writedge.

If you would like to sell articles for immediate pay, check out freelancing websites like TextBroker. This is a website that brings together people who want to buy articles for a fixed fee, and connects them with freelance authors who are willing to write the articles.

If you are uncertain about your ability to write full length articles, you may want to simply answer questions on sites such as On this site, you peruse the hundreds of questions that are asked on the site each day, and choose a few that you believe you can answer well. As with all writing, it is important for you to write your answers in complete sentences, using correct grammar and spelling. However, many people earn an extra $30 to $100 a month, or more, from WebAnswers by just working a couple of hours a day.

It is important for you to realize that most people won't earn a lot on these writing websites, although a few people do if they spend a lot of time on a few of them and treat them as regular jobs. However, online writing is a good way to supplement your other sources of income. It is a great way for retirees to earn extra money, when just a few hundred dollars a month could make a lot of difference to them, and they don't have a lot of physical energy to do things like babysit. Many people also feel that it is a lot of fun. In addition, it is great to earn money in the comfort of your own home, and not be required to spend money on gas and other commuting expenses.

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