Building and running a yoga studio would require a successful coordination of marketing, scheduling, accounting, class registration and attendance, inventory, credit card and sales processing, payroll, documents, staff management and much more. Well, do you have good salon POS software service to keep everything together, yet, or are you still using a slew of spreadsheets?

The truth is that there are a lot of salon software programs out there that can be used for yoga studios. In fact, these programs can take care of every bit of administration that your yoga studio might need -- all in just one central online location. If possible, try to look for comprehensive salon spa software that will upgrade and sync all of your applications as needed.

Other Must-Have Features:


1. Class Scheduling

The ability to schedule classes online is probably the most customer-service-friendly feature that you could offer to your students. Some specific functions that you might want to look for could include:

    •       Wait-lists and wait-list management

       •        Self check-in for students

       •        Printable sign-in sheets

       •        Room and equipment rental scheduling

       •        Recurring bookings

       •        Class attendance statistics

Of course, these functions will ultimately depend on your needs and that of your yoga studio, so make sure you look for the ones that would suit you best.


2. Scheduling Ease

How easy is it to schedule things on your spa appointment software? This is another thing you might want to think about while choosing the perfect software for you. Ideally, you should find software that has:

    •       Drag-and-drop functionalities

       •        Multiple schedule views

       •        Color coding scheduling


3. Enrollment Options

If you provide more than just yoga classes, you might want to find management software, which is flexible enough to schedule different events, like:

•  Courses

•  Seminars

•  Special events


4. Payment Processing

Some spa computer software will include on-the-cloud credit card processing, so you don't have to set up and pay for hardware to do this. Other payment processing methods you can look into would include membership cards and ID tag capabilities.


5. Online Store

If you sell yoga products in a traditional store, why not integrate everything online and add a store to your website? Fortunately, with the right spa POS software, this is very easy to do. Just look for software with e-commerce capabilities that will help you keep track of your retail sales -- and start selling online.

If you want, you can even partner with other yoga suppliers who can provide you with products to sell online. You can also enter drop-shipping arrangements, or carry inventory. You can even sell yoga class packages, gift cards and event tickets this way. The options are limitless.