If you struggle to fall asleep and are wishing for answers then look no further - here you will find several helpful hints and tricks to make you fall asleep quickly, or at least a lot quicker!

Some of us are able to fall asleep at the drop of a hat. Unfortunately, some of us are not. The latter is the category I fall into. Spending my nights tossing and turning whilst complaining about ‘insomnia’ is something I’ve become accustomed to. Here are some ideas that are designed to help improve how you sleep and hopefully, fall asleep faster.

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Maintaining a routine

Falling Asleep Quickly Tip: The first tip for falling asleep fast is also one of the best. It is quite simply, to create and maintain a bedtime routine. By keeping to a regular schedule before bed time is a proven method that will help you to fall asleep quicker. The reason that this works is very simple. If you manage to go to bed at around the same time everyday your body will fall into a sleeping pattern which should make it easier to fall asleep at the appropriate time each night. This regular schedule is something that is especially beneficial for those who work hours are not flexible as it promotes this idea.

What to Avoid: For this to work you should avoid napping during the day as for obvious reasons, this will have a negative effect on your routine. This also applies to changing your bed time at the weekends. If you do wish to go to sleep later/earlier then gradually change your bed time to allow the body to readjust, perhaps by changing the parameters by 30 minutes every few days. 

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Be stress/anxiety free

Fall Asleep Quickly Tip: The next piece of advice to help you get a better nights sleep is to keep stress out of your life. This is an important point, not just in the case of sleeping, but for everyday life. Being stress free and having little anxiety will obviously have positive effects on your health and mental well-being. If you are suffering from stress then it makes it much harder for your mind to become relaxed enough in order for you to drift off to sleep at night. I certainly find that when I have less on my mind at night it is much, much easier to drift off and fall asleep faster than the times I have something playing on my mind.

What to Avoid: Determine the cause of your stress and then implement measures so that you remove or distance these stressful areas from life. If it is a serious problem that is troubling you then seeking professional support or even just the comfort of those you enjoy being with. Factors such as exercising and maintaining a healthy diet with help your stress levels veer towards the positive.

Relax before Bedtime

Fall Asleep Quickly Tip: This is next sleep tip is something that should tie into your bedtime routine. Activities such as reading a book or listening to calming music are good ways to get you in the mood for sleep; the optimum time suggested is about 30 minutes before bed. Many sources suggest that watching television or going on the internet are counter-productive as they are quite stimulating. There is no right answer for everyone so just try and find what works for you to help you to fall asleep quickly.

What to Avoid: As suggested above, it all depends on the person. It is a simple case of finding what relaxes you before bed time and what doesn't; then avoiding what doesn't like the plague!

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Be Comfortable

Fall Asleep Quickly Tip: Having a bed that you enjoy sleeping should only affect how you sleep in a positive way. You should find a pillow and mattress that make you feel comfortable at night. From my experience I would recommend a memory foam mattress if you don’t already have one, as they distribute bodyweight evenly and look to reduce tossing and turning. Since buying one and creating a bedtime environment I’m comfortable in, my ability to fall asleep has improved.

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Another point that is also relevant to living and maintaining a healthy standard of living. If you exercise during the day then when the time comes to fall asleep, the physical exhaustion from your exercise should help contribute positively to inducing you to a good, peaceful night’s sleep.


Well, there are a few ideas that you can try if you’re struggling with sleep. As with many things, what works will depend on the individual. It is just a case of trying new things and noticing what helps you to fall asleep and what doesn’t. Hopefully one or two of these will work for you and help you fall asleep quickly, sweet dreams!