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No credit check apartments are out there, but you just have to know where to look for them. Apartment managers and managing companies often realize that good people often run into financial trouble. However, consumers with bad credit are not the only ones that benefit from no credit check apartments. Some people simply do not have enough credit to qualify for a lease. Others might have negative information on their credit report due to identity theft. As a result, they might find it difficult to qualify for a lease. In such cases, correcting fraudulent information takes time. In the meantime, they may have to resort to no credit check apartments. Regardless of your reason, if you are looking for ways to find no credit check apartments, you have multiple options.

No Credit Check Apartments & Low-End Neighborhoods

Although not always the rule, it is more common to find a no credit check apartment in low-end neighborhoods than in an upscale area. Even if the managing company runs a credit check, the guidelines are often more lenient.

This type of apartment might be older and may not contain as many amenities as apartments in upscale neighborhoods. However, for tenants with a low FICO socre, finding a no credit check apartment often represents a blessing. Even persons with a high FICO socre often rent in low-end neighborhoods because the rent is generally lower, and it gives them an opportunity to save money.  

Get a list of apartment complexes. Contact each complex by phone and ask about their qualifying guidelines. If the company has a website, you can inquire through their site. 

If living in a low-end neighborhood is not your first choice, use your lease term as a stepping-stone. Clean your credit report and get out of debt. Once your credit improves, you will not have to worry about no credit check apartments anymore.

No Credit Check Apartments & the Internet

Most newspapers have an online version. You can look up ads in online local papers. Another source is craigslist. Many property owners and managing companies post ads on Craig list under the housing section. Look for ads that contain the following phrases:

  • No credit check required
  • Bad credit OK
  • Bankruptcies allowed

Apartment Locators & Real Estate Agencies 

Contact an apartment locator service in your area. This type of services employs real estate agents who can help you find an apartment that meets your specifications. The service is free to you. If you sign a lease and put down the agent as the referrer, the agent will receive a commission fee. One advantage of utilizing this type of service is that you don’t have to submit numerous applications. Simply inform the agent helping you of your criteria. Specify that you need a no credit check apartment. The apartment locator will direct you to rental properties that fit your criteria. 

Real estate agencies are another practical resource when you need to find an apartment. Property owners and managers often list their rental units with agents to widen their market. This service is also free to you, so take advantage of it.

There you have it. Three practical ways to find a no credit check apartment. Anyone can take advantage of the Internet to find an apartment that fit’s a specific criteria. However, it requires time. If you don’t have the time or patience to perform an online search, an apartment locator or real estate agent can likely help you. Therefore, if your credit is not so great, don’t worry. There are multiple ways of finding a no credit check apartment.    

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