When your children are in school you settle into patterns and unexpected days off school can throw those patterns for a loop. If you are trying to figure out ways to fit in your regularly scheduled exercise while you have the kids home during school breaks, here are some simple ways to get your calorie burn and have fun with the younger set at the same time.

Visit the Park

When you picture the park in your area, chances are it is one close to your home that is small and quaint. When you are home over vacation with your children this is a great place to visit, and have some fun while getting some exercise in. Swinging on the swing set is a great way to get a core workout in and is definitely fun. Make it a contest with your children to see who can go highest and cheer them on while you feel the burn in your abs.

Another simple way to get some exercise in is to pick a park based on walking and hiking trails. If you have never been to the park in question, you and your children can enjoy the magic of the new space together while climbing and walking to increase your heart rate. If you are basing your exercise on walking, make sure to wear a pedometer so you know exactly how much exercise you got.

Ride Bikes

Dust off your bikes and roll them out of the garage and on to the black top to get some sunshine and some exercise. If your children are good at riding, take your bikes to the local grocery store. You will save gas and get exercise at the same time, but make sure you only need a few things otherwise transporting them back home can be tough. You will be surprised at how much fun you have doing a simple chore this way.

Walk Dogs – Even if They’re Not Yours

Offer to walk the neighbor’s dogs and do a good deed while getting some exercise. Your neighbors may be on vacation at the same time as you are home with your children during their school breaks. Let you neighbors know when your children are out of school, then ask if you can help them during that time by walking the dogs or any other type of good deeds. This way you foster the relationship with your neighbors, expose your children to dogs and get some exercise at the same time. You even get to pay it forward while doing so.

Go to The Local Bounce House Facility

Empty warehouses on the outskirts of suburban areas are being transformed into huge facilities for some of the most crazy bounce houses around. From obstacle courses, to slides, to basketball and t-ball practice, these new inflatable structures are quite impressive. Do an internet search for bounce houses in your area and you may stumble upon a gem that will be useful, and allow you to play with the kids and work muscles you did not even know you had. It’s not every day you climb up an inflatable wall with hand and foot holds, then slide down to the bottom. And you can do it again and again.

Consider Investing in Some New Toys

Trampolines, scooters, and pedal cars are all toys you may have considered in the past. If you are at home with your children for an extended break, it may be worth investing in these types of toys if you make a concerted effort to use them. If you cannot afford one of the large trampolines with a net, find a smaller one, or search various community sites for one that is used. There are ways to invest in these larger purchases, but make them more affordable than they might be otherwise.