Looking for ways to get free website traffic? You are not alone. There are hundreds of new sites setup each week that become abandoned when the owners find out that people do not just come there without some work involved. To be able to make money or to accomplish whatever goal that you want, you are going to need people reading your pages. Many people choose to use the many paid methods to get targeted website traffic. This can work well, but if you do not have the capital to invest then it is not an option for you.


The good news is that there are many ways that you can get free website traffic. You will have to do some work to accomplish many of these options, but the time put in can be well worth it.


Option One


You can use article marketing to get free website traffic. This method is used by creating articles based around the same topic area as your site. You will need to read the terms of use of the article directories that you plan to use to post the articles on to see how long that they need to be. After you have written the article, you will place a link to your site in the article or signature box, depending on what is allowed with the article directory.


Option Two


There is a forum out there for just about any topic that you can dream up. Become an active member in a few forums around the topic area of your site. Being an active member means that you will be posting and taking part in the discussions on the forums on a regular basis. When you post, you will want to add content that is quality and helps to further the conversations. Just placing links to your site can be considered spamming and can get you banned. When you have become a member of the community, you can place a link to your site in your signature or your profile to help you to get free website traffic.


Option Three


Guesting posting on blogs is one of the ways that many marketers get targeted website traffic. Find blogs in related topic areas and approach the owners about writing a guest post for them. Within your guest post, you will probably be allowed at least one link to your site to get you people visiting your pages. The more that you do this, the more followers and people who will help you to build links to your material.