Tips To Get More Traffic

Crazy Traffic LightsThis article is intended to be used in conjunction with InfoBarrel, however these ideas could easily be applied and used on your blog or on a full fledged web site.

While just having your articles on Infobarrel will yield some traffic, you aren't maximizing your potential by just hoping other people find it and see what you have to say. By being proactive you can ensure others find it and potentially increase your earning potential.

I will outline some things you can do to increase your articles exposure below:

Email Signature

Most people write at least a few emails a day, why not put a link to your profile in your signature so that your friends, family and associates have an easy way to access your latest content?

Forum Signatures

Do you post on any online forums? People click on links in other's signatures all the time; I know because I do it myself! If you post on any forums, create a signature linking back to your latest Infobarrel article, or directly to your profile page. The more you post the more opportunities people have to see your stuff. One thing though; make sure that the forum allows links in your signature before placing them there, as some have strict rules against it.

Social Bookmark Sites

Social bookmark sites allow you to create your own personal list of content that you think is great. This is a fantastic way to build more links directly to your articles which helps search engines find them more easily.

Some of my favorites are:

You will need to sign-up and create a free account at each of these sites. Once you are all signed up, you can easily submit your latest articles to each of the sites to help the search engines locate your new articles quicker. This will also help with where your articles rank when you search for them. You will also find your content will get a nice burst of traffic after submitting, a great way to make a few extra bucks.

Post on

Most people these days have a account which is connected to all of your friends. We have a very convenient button located in the toolbox (to the right of your article) that will allow you to post a link to your article directly onto your profile. I personally post a lot of my content to; if your article is interesting you'd be surprised how quickly people will pass it around. This is a great way to get a few extra visitors a day.

Blog about Your Content

If you happen to have a blog, you can casually mention your latest articles in a post (with a link to it of course), or place your profile as a link in your blogroll. If you don't have a blog and would like to get one, checkout, it is run by Google and is nice and safe.