If you have recently broken up with your boyfriend or girlfriend and you are having trouble letting go, here are some things that you should keep in mind to help smooth over the process. Some ways to get over an ex are as follows.

The first thing that you should keep in mind is that the person that you have just broken up with is not responsible for your well being and self worth. If you are having troubling letting go of your ex, then the problem is within yourself because they cannot give you fulfillment. This is only something that you can do. If you are having trouble getting over them, it is because you are too dependent on them and are afraid to be alone or go on your own way and make your own decisions in life. You have to love yourself and respect yourself first. If you are getting yourself down because of what someone else say or did to you in a relationship, you have to look at how much respect you have for yourself and what you want out of life, because someone else is not responsible for that, only you are.

If you have just gotten out of a relationship because of the fact that someone has put you down or is playing games with you, it is because you have allowed this to take place. You have to stand up for yourself and find your own sustenance without the aid of another person and you cannot let yourself be manipulated. Most of the time when you have trouble getting over an ex, it is because there is still mental manipulation happening. If you cannot stand your ground, with your morals and self respect and detach yourself from this person, there is never going to be any solace.

Other ways to get over an ex are to completely make sure that you can move on and you do this by not going back to them or talking to them as a partner. They may still be a part of your life, but you completely have to disassociate yourself from them as a partner. More ways to get over an ex, is to find a new relationship, but if you were having problems in your current relationship, getting into a new relationship is not going to help you because the problems you were having were because of yourself and your inability to forgive and let go instead of trying to control. Once you can find the ability to love unconditionally, any relationship will be easy. These are the best ways to get over an ex.