blog picYou have just created your blog and even posted a few articles for people to read, but you don't know if people are even reading your blog. We all create a blog in hopes that people read it and subscribe to it, but if you do not know how to get traffic to you blog the likly hood of a massive amount of people viewing your blog is slim to none.

We will discuss free ways and services you will have to pay for to gain more traffic to your blog, so you can get that following that you have always wanted. A key thing to remember throughout this whole thing is your niche. Find a good niche that you know people are going to want to read and come back for more.

Tracking your Blog

First things first, you're going to want a way to track your blogs progress. A good free way to track your blog is to sign up for Google Analytics. Google Analytics will help you see where your traffic is coming from, how long users are staying on your blog, and how many are repeat visitors. You can even have your analytics account e-mail daily reports about your statistics.

Add More Content

Add more and more content; make sure that you use keywords with in your content, so that you optimize your content more for web crawlers. Web crawlers consistently search URLs for keywords, the more you have the more the better they crawl your URL and get a better ranking in search engines. The keywords in your content will be used to match your site with user inquiries.

Web Directories Blog Traffic (17045)

Add your sites to as many free web directories as possible. All you have to do to find them is type in free web directories in the search engine. Chose the search results that you like and just submit you're URL.

Submit Your URL

Submit your URL to all major search engines it is free and easy. Most of them have this option located on their main page. This is where adding that keyword content comes into play.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is another useful tool to help you submit your website to Google and get a better ranking on Google's search pages. It will track your keywords for you, you can also fetch a crawler to recrawl your URL.

Paid Advertisements

If you would like instant traffic, major search engines have programs for you to add a pay-per-click advertisement campaign. You can set your own budget and let it run for as long as you dictate. You will need a major credit card account to do this. They are effective and worth doing.

Traffic jam

Comment on Other Blogs

Post comments on other bloggers blogs. Make sure your posts are relevant to the blogs content that you are commenting on. Add your URL in a productive manner no one likes a spammer.

Link to Other Bloggers

Ask bloggers of frequent blogs that you read if they can add a link to your blog. Be considerate, do not hound the blogger and be respectful. Do not complain if they say no just try another blogger.

These are a couple of way to gain more traffic to your blog. They are a good reliable way to start off and you will see a good jump in your traffic.