There are a lot of ways to go green in your home and many of them not only help the environment but also help your wallet. If you love the planet but don't want to break the bank to do your part, just read on and see where you can go green today.

Ways to Go Green and Save Money at Home

Ways to Save Energy and Save Money at Home

Heating and cooling bills are big drains on the wallet. If you set your thermostat a little lower in the winter and a little higher in the summer that will cause your heating and cooling bills to be lower. It will also cause your furnace to last a little longer and you will save money on repairs and replacements.

Unplugging electronics that are not in use will save energy. Computers, televisions, and coffee pots are big energy vampires. They suck energy even when you turn them off. Simply pull the plug on them or get a smart power strip to save a little extra on your electricity bill.

Always wash a full load of clothes and try to use cold water if you can. Doing a lot of small loads will cause your washer and dryer to run more often, which of course runs up the electric bill again. Using cold water to wash your clothes means that the hot water heater isn't running as often.

Using a clothes line or drying rack to dry your clothes means that the dryer can sit idle a bit more often. Some home associations do not allow clotheslines and in those areas you will have to dry your clothes inside. You may not want to dry all of your clothes this way but there are some that will dry almost as fast on a line as they do in a dryer.

Ways to Save Water to Save Money at Home

Use a low flow shower head to decrease the amount of water used in the shower. Actually taking shorter showers will also do the same. Get in and out as quickly as possible but don't forget to get clean in the process.

Replace your lawn with drought tolerant ground cover. If you can't replace the lawn remember to water seldom but deeply. You don't have to water the lawn at all but many people can't stand the brown sleeping grass. Deep watering encourages deep roots which need watering less often.

Ways to Use Less Gas and Save Money at Home

Drive less. That sounds simple but it is the easiest way to save gas. Gas is expensive and if you walk or bike whenever possible that will save money, lessen the pollution, and get your body in shape. Using public transportation or carpooling is always a good option.

Drink Tap Water to Save Money at Home

If your city has good quality tap water, drink it. Buying bottled water is another expensive thing that is easy to stop doing. All that plastic is just waste heading to the landfill. Get a refillable bottle (or 3) and keep them cold in the refrigerator.

There are many other ways to go green and save money at home but these few tips are a good start for everyone. If you can't do everything just find the places that you can improve and work on those. Slowly changing your lifestyle will cause the changes to be less noticeable.