A fun way to get some leg exercise is to increase your vertical jump. Improving your vertical leap can also help you perform better in sports like volleyball and basketball. By adopting a routine fitness regimen tailored to helping you increase vertical jump, you’ll see noticeable gains over time.

Before you start your leg workout session, it’s always important to perform warm up exercises to loosen up your leg muscles and prevent injury. Be sure to stretch accordingly and try to improve your flexibility by doing exercise sets such as reaching for your toes with your hands while sitting upright. Do some light jogging for a few minutes. The exercises you need to do to increase vertical jump will involve power and strength training.

Jogging and other track and field activities helps build muscle mass in the legs which will in turn help you increase vertical jump. This kind of rigorous conditioning will boost muscle strength and have the added benefit of strengthening your heart muscles too and improving endurance.

Incorporating lower body exercise into your daily routine is not difficult when you make use of your surroundings. Practice running up the stairs by landing on each step with just your toes. You can gradually push yourself to run two or even three steps at a time, which will help boost the horsepower needed to increase vertical jump.

Skipping rope in particular is a physical activity that will produce results in your quest to jump higher. Rowing is another sport that helps strengthen the thigh muscles in your legs along with boosting stamina. Similarly, cycling helps build calf and thigh muscles in the lower body.

While exercising regularly is crucial, it’s also just as important to know when to rest to give your body the chance to repair the micro tearing in the muscles. Try to schedule your exercise routine evenly spaced throughout the week and reserve at least two days of rest.

Now let’s take a look at some exercise routines specifically involving jumps.

Jumping exercises to help increase vertical jump

Deep knee bends

Start by standing in a stationary position and bend your knees slowly while maintaining a straight back. Try to crouch as low as you can and gradually rise back up. Rinse and repeat 20 times and increase the number of repetitions over time.

Explosive jumps

This one involves starting out by putting your right foot on a platform. You simply jump into the air as high as possible by focusing on pushing off on your right foot. Land on the platform on your left foot with your right foot on the floor. Rinse and repeat by alternating the starting position of the feet on the platform and perform three to four sets of ten repetitions each.

Elevated jumps

Elevated jumps involve making use of a bench or some other secure platform that provides some elevation. You simply jump onto the bench and then off from it. Repeat this motion by doing 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Double jumps

This is performed by jumping off the ground with both feet initially resting on a platform. Upon landing, you immediately jump again the second time. 3 sets of 10 repetitions are recommended.

Toe raises

Begin by standing and slowly tippy toe upwards and then slowly come back down. Steadily repeat at least 30 times. You can challenge yourself by grabbing onto a set of light weights while doing this.