Are you looking for ways to increase website traffic? Traffic is definitely to key to having a successful website and there are lots of free ways to help you to increase traffic, but it does require a little bit of work. Here are some free ways to increase website traffic:

Keep Your Content Consistent
When sorting through websites, Google, Yahoo, and other search engines are looking for consistency, so it is important that the theme of your website be the same throughout. If the main theme of your website is gardening, but you have some pages on remote controlled satellites, then you are sending mixed messages to the search engines and they may be hesitant to send traffic in your direction. So consider keeping your content consistent; although branching out into complimentary themes that are appropriate would be okay -- just try not to branch out too far.

Content Remains King
Your website content should be of top notch quality. If your website is simply one sales page after another, then your visitors will be turned off and leave. Rich and relevant content will keep your visitors coming back and the search engines will take note of that. By having great content (and lots of it) you will likely have others linking to your site for information, these types of links create the all important backlinks -- crucial to your website success.

Backlinks are Vital
Backlinks are vital to the success of a website. The more backlinks you have pointing to your website, the more traffic you will get. Search engines use the amount of backlinks as a gauge of the website's value to readers. They figure that if other websites, blogs, forum posts, etc... are linking to your website, then your website must be providing some great information. So the more backlinks your website has, then the more credibility your website will have in the eyes of the search engines. To find out how many backlinks your website has, go to <a href="">Backlink Watch</a> and type in your website address.

Increase Your Backlinks
There are lots of free ways to increase your backlinks to your website by becoming active in your website niche. If your website is about gardening, then visit blogs about gardening and leave relevant comments on interesting posts and don't forgot to include your website address with your comments. Forums are another great way to build backlinks. Find a forum related to the subject of your website and get active! Have your website in your signature so that with every post or reply that you make, your website address will also be included. The more of an online presence your website has, then the more backlinks it is likely to get so don't be shy and get the ball rolling!

Submit to Free Article Directories
Article directories are a great source for free website traffic and great backlinks. Write an original 400-700 word article related to your website theme and submit it to one of the larger article directories, such as <a href="">Ezine Articles</a>, and add your website address at the end of your article for readers to click on for more information. Most articles submitted to article directories must be approved by an editor before being published - the search engines know this and therefore look highly upon backlinks from article directories.

Personal Experience: To put things into perspective, article directories are the second highest traffic referrers to one of my websites, right under Google. The traffic I receive from my articles surpass traffic from Yahoo, MSN Live, and all other search engines.

Exchange Links with Complementary Sites
Link exchanging with another popular complementary site is a great way to give credibility to your website. Find similar themed websites or blogs (not direct competitors) and start keeping up with them. Read their musings, post comments, and get involved in what they are doing. If you feel that a particular website or blog could be a great source for some of your readers and that your website could be a good source for their readers, then send them a friendly email asking them to exchange links with you. Do not feel bad if you do not get a response, a lost of webmasters are busy doing all the same things you are doing. Move on to the next website or blog and send them an email asking for a link exchange. It's a numbers game, eventually you will find someone who would love to exchange links with you and viola, another great backlink!

Include Social Bookmarking Tools
Social bookmarking tools are a way to increase website traffic and for your readers to keep tabs on your website, share the website with friends, and submit it to social news websites. Making your website available through these means can be a great source of both traffic and backlinks. There are many types of social bookmarking widgets to choose from. For instance, <a href="">Add to Any</a> is a great social bookmarking tool generator that you can use for creating your own customized buttons. Make it easy for others to find, bookmark, and come back to your site!