Are you checking to see how much traffic your InfoBarrel content is receiving? No matter whether you are a new writer to InfoBarrel or a long time writer for any of the other revenue sharing sites, this checking and rechecking is part of the fun. Your fellow InfoBarrel writers may click and “like” your work, but “views” and tier earnings will only grow so far.

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Sometimes our expectations are not being met and we might need to take a few extra steps to help give our numbers a boost in the right direction. Let’s consider a couple of options to extend your audience beyond just the InfoBarrel community. If you have additional methods and suggestions for InfoBarrel writers to increase readership, please add your advice in the comments section at the end of the article. I don’t have all the answers; – just some of them).

Let's start with a video with some excellent advice on writing articles.

Keys to Success in Earning Money on Any Revenue Sharing Site


Publish A Lot Of Content/Articles

1.  Create content that is interesting, creative, entertaining, informational, educational, motivating and/or fun

  • Keep a Journal or Workbook. This has got to be the most common piece of advice given. I keep a simple composition notebook where I write topics and titles for potential articles. I keep it near the television and keep another in my car. Sometimes, while we are watching a TV show or movie, something on the screen might trigger an article topic. Or, the show or movie itself maybe the whole subject of the article and we can keep notes as we continue to watch the program. Afterwards, immediately after watching, try to add notes and organize your thoughts for the article while the information is fresh in your mind. Later you can finish writing the article when you’ve had a chance to message the idea in your brain. As for the notebook I keep in the car, when I go out shopping, or have an appointment, or whatever reason I’m out of the house sometimes an idea is sparked and I don’t want it to be lost. You may not have time to organize it while you are out; however, at least get a few words down so that you can review it later and develop that idea into something worthwhile.  
  • Scan several sites to see what topics are being featured so that you have an idea of what topics you need to consider for your future articles.

2.  Publish New Material Regularly

  • Set weekly and monthly goals (realistic goals) of how many articles and how many words you want to publish each month.
  • Set suspense dates for yourself: As you create a list of article topics or subject, set yourself a due-date for completing each one. Treat it like a job, a fun job, but a job all the same.  

3.  Extend Your Visibility on the Google, Bing, and Yahoo Search Engines

  • Search-ability: Recently, I found a few of my InfoBarrel articles listed in a Google search. Many of my InfoBarrel articles are finding their way into the big search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) indexing by way of multiple sourcing.
  • What’s multiple sourcing? It is when you post links from your content of one site onto one or more other sites. For example, I post all my InfoBarrel content links on Tumblr, Facebook and RedGage. Through those sites, I get multiple indexing for the same article; giving extra visibility leading to more views. I only tell you this so you understand that it does matter that you get your article links posted on other social media sites or hybrid sites like Tumblr and Bubblews. It does work.
  • Make it Routine: Every time you successfully publish an article on InfoBarrel (IB), immediately copy that link and paste it into your Google+, Facebook page, Tumblr page, and RedGage page. That gives you three additional opportunities for your work to be viewed and three more opportunities for your work to be picked up by a search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.).  

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4.  Extend Your Reach and Your Readership

  • First the Name, I want to suggest that if a writer does not want to use their real name, use a name that is recognizable “as a name” and not a scramble of letters and numbers (example: 2014kittycat). You want a name that can be searched and indexed by Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine. If you don’t want to use your real name, create a nom de plume. Make sure it looks and sounds like a real name and not some sort of word scramble game.
  • Four Resources I use myself to extend my audience reach are Google+, Facebook (FB), Tumblr and RedGage.
    • Google+ is a real easy option to extend your “views” potential. All you need to do is set up a Gmail account and then the Plus(+) Option. It’s a bit like Tumblr in that you can post just about anything and build followers, join social groups, even forward your links to people in your contacts list.  
    • Facebook (FB) – This is probably the easiest and greatest potential of really kicking up your InfoBarrel views. Think about If you have a FB page, post links from your IB articles (or any site you post content to) onto your FB home page. In this way you can encourage your FB friends, family and extended friends to click on those links so that they are taken to your InfoBarrel page thus garnering extra “views” and “likes.” I sometimes add a little comment on my FB page when I post a link to a Bubblews or InfoBarrel (my other paid content writing site) articles stating “Here’s my latest article published on InfoBarrel.” This little comment is an easy way to get your family and friends attention for that moment. Sometime they ask how all that writing stuff works and you find yourself recruiting a new contributor to Bubblews or any of the other content/blogging sites.
    • Tumblr – This is a great opportunity for you to establishTumblr web page where you can post links to all your articles and blogs in an online searchable magazine format. It’s FREE. Tumblr has a lot of free home page design templates to organize your posts. There are some paid templates for fancier unique stuff; however, I find that they have more than enough free templates to meet almost anyone’s need. When you post your links to Tmblr you get to add an endless number of “tags” for key word searching. Having the ability to add search tags to your Bubblews links on Tumblr increases the likelihood that someone outside your InfoBarrel group will find their way to your article or blog.
    • Word Press is similar to Tumblr in many ways: this includes several free pre-formatted webpage templates; options to tweak your site to your particular taste; post what you want to include videos, audio, text, and even Adsense (there is a link to access the template html code and it can be tricky to get the code in the right place). You can literally post links to all your Infobarrel articles on your own WordPress page and drive more traffic that way to your money making site. 
    • RedGage - Stay away from that site. In the past I recommended that site as having potential to drive traffic to your IB site and get paid for posting. After six months of testing the site myself, it failed to show any benefit.

Final Word

The Big Points: Keep a journal, set goals, post links to social media and personal web pages and build a following. Build a following of readers from within one or more of the many the content writers’ networks. Build, recruit and encourage readers to your articles from outside the network: using Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Google+, Bubblews, RedGage and your personal websites. If you write for multiple websites, insert InfoBarrel article links into your non-InfoBarrel sites and articles.

Note: Remember to check the sites Terms of Use to insure you are not violating a website policy by using links that redirect a reader to your InfoBarrel pages. Some sites do not allow back-links. All the ones I’ve listed above do allow back-links.

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