Healthy Nervous System: You want to make sure that you are getting enough oxygen to your brain so you can have a good nervous system.  Your organs, heart and spine are just a few things that you need to keep in tip top shape in order to have a good nervous system and healthy body.  Nervous system problems can lead to further problems with depression and anxiety.

Exercise: Of course you know it is important to have a good fitness plan.  Exercise is an important aspect to keep your body healthy.  You can do some cardio to keep your heart rate up and help you lose weight.  The T3 workouts are an amazing way to stay in shape as well.

Good Nutrition: Keeping your body healthy is easy with good nutritious.  Make sure you are eating a good breakfast every morning and your other meals.  Do not over stuff yourself, but eat a good amount so you are full and aren’t going to snack every hour.  If you are hungry, eat a small snack such as peanuts or pretzels and cheese.  Make sure that water is your main source of liquid.  While milk is a good source of calcium, it can be fattening for you.

Rid Toxins: It is important to get rid of the negative toxins that are in our body.  We get a lot of harmful toxins in our body from the chemicals we use to clean our house, the processed foods we consume and even the medicine we take whether it is prescriptions or over the counter medication.  There are many ways to cleanse yourself of toxins whether you do this by fasting with water or eating a specific diet.  There are also lots of different options you can use to stick to your body to draw the toxins from your body onto the sticky pad.  You can actually see the results the next day.

Food Education: Stay educated on what is important to your health and your body.  Make sure you know what you are putting into your body by reading the labels to ensure there isn’t harmful chemicals like propylene glycol or other things that could potentially harm your body.  You can get to know what types of food are good for you and what are not.  The simple foods that you may think are good for you, may have alternatives that are better.  For an example; brown rice is much healthier for you than white rice.  The same goes for wheat flour verse regular white flour that most of us probably use.  Whole grain or wheat bread should always be chosen over white bread.

Happy Lifestyle: Another way to keep your body healthy is to have a happy lifestyle.  People who stay active and are involved with different things in their life tend to stay healthier than those who don’t.  Getting involved in different groups and clubs is a good idea to stay happy.  Also, making sure you get out to see friends and family often will keep you happy.