When you're finding it difficult to get a part-time job that fits around your family commitments, it's time to think outside of the box. There are ways to make extra money in your spare time, you just need to be able to sort out the genuine opportunities from the online scams. This isn't easy, so don't believe everything you read and do trust your instincts.

Under no circumstances should you ever pay a company for the opportunity to make some extra cash online. It's also inadvisable to believe an advert that promises you thousands of dollars for working just a few hours a day. You can make some money fast, just avoid the opportunities that sound too good to be true. There's no such thing as easy money.

Make Some Extra Cash Online as a Freelance Writer

You can make money with your computer writing for websites, such as Infobarrel, Suite101, Demand Studios, Associated Content, Bukisa and Helium. Each website has its own way of sharing revenue with writers, but you'll either be writing for royalties or a defined payment. Rates vary considerably, but 400-word articles for Demand Studios typically pay $15 each. Other writers prefer to set up their own monetized blog, and make money from Google adsense.

While the industry has become more competitive in recent months, it's still a genuine opportunity to earn some money online. If you can generate a substantial body of content, you can make a worthwhile part-time income. Deciding whether to write for upfront payment or a share of Google advertising revenue is a matter of personal preference. Writing for a living tends to be a popular choice for men and women, particularly those who are caring for a young family.

Ways to Make Extra Money in Your Spare Time Dog Walking or Dog Sitting

If you enjoy the great outdoors and have a genuine love of animals, you can make extra cash dog walking or dog sitting. In an article on the 21 July 2008 for the Daily Telegraph called "10 ways to make extra cash on the side", Emma Simon stated: "Dog-walkers can charge upwards of £10 per hour per dog, with higher rates for walkies at weekends and on bank holidays."

If you're specifically interested in dog walking, it pays to advertise. Once you've established a reasonable client base, word spreads fast. You can either set up your own dog sitting service or go through an agency. The latter makes life a lot easier, but  agencies take their cut so your pay will be slightly lower. Sitting dogs is particularly popular with students and retired people.


Simon, Emma. (21 July, 2008). "10 ways to make extra cash on the side" Daily Telegraph.