Whether you are looking for an extra job to increase your net worth, or you simply want to squeeze in some profits from your free time --- here are some ways to make extra money, even without a college degree:

  • Create a Business.

If you can not locate a company you would like to work for, create your own!

The best thing about this option: You will be your own boss and you will be making the rules.

The risk: You will have to shell in some cash in the beginning. It will also take a lot of effort (and patience) on your end to succeed on setting up your own enterprise.

The Verdict: If you think you have what it takes to manage own business, create something that you really have a passion for. It may also help to start small and study your options before taking the plunge.

  • Offer your services.

If you think creating a business involves too much risk, try offering your services to people you know.

The best thing about this option: Your skill is the main source of your income. There is less risk and you should not need a lot of capital to start earning money.

Some Possible (and Feasible) Options:

  • You can offer services such as car washing and use your garage as your business. Or, you can do house cleaning.
  • If you love working in the kitchen, you can also sell the goods you have made.
  • If you are into pets, your may offer to walk your neighbors dogs or be their pet sitters.
  • If you are musically-gifted, try playing music at weddings.
  • Apply for part-time work.

Why You Should Try It: Students frolic on service jobs that offer average wage and you can try those out too. Previous job experience is not required and you can choose your own schedule.

Where you should Try It: Your options range from delivering pizzas, waiting tables and even bar tending. Just take a walk around your neighbourhood and you will surely find a place where you can work.

  • Use your computer and the Internet.

What You Can Do: Embrace the technological age and earn money without even leaving the comforts of your home! There are a lot of ways to earn money via the internet. If you know how to create websites, you may want to offer your services to companies who would love to be available online and do not have a dedicated person in house to accomplish the set up of a website. You can also try blogging, although it might take a while before you can earn a valuable amount of money over that. If you have a gift for writing, you can write reviews and get paid for it. There are a number of contracting platforms online that hire writers and it is an excellent way for you to earn without even leaving your home office.

Starting an online store can also be your option. Sign up on websites like Ebay and Amazon where you can sell your stuff.

A word of Caution: The Internet offers an array of work opportunities, although you should beware of scams and identity theft schemes.

Find your domain and maximize your profits by doing things that you love. You do not need a college degree to succeed on anything that you have set your heart and mind into.

If you are looking for more than casual work, there are entry level job opportunities that do not require a degree. Every field has options for starting on the ground floor and working your way up. Pick your field of choice and get started!