There are millions of people who are making money online with Ebay and millions more who are interested in supplementing or replacing their income by doing the same. The reason that Ebay has been such a success for small business people is fairly easy to explain: Ebay is where the money is. Part of the planning that goes into an e-commerce business is to make certain that the items that you are trying to sell get before as large an audience as possible. With more than 100 million registered users, Ebay remains the largest e-commerce marketplace on the internet, and its title is not in any danger.

Making Money with Ebay in Two Ways

In the early days of e-commerce, making money was Ebay was incredibly easy. Ordinary people could open up an account with a wholesaler, list items online for free, and count the money as it came in. The fact of the matter is that times have changed to a degree. Today Ebay charges sellers a listing fee to put their items on the marketplace. Because of this, one has to be pretty sure that their products are going to sell a good percentage of the time in order to maintain their profit margins. As a result of these changes in the fee structure, many sellers have found Ebay to be too challenging. They have packed up their businesses and moved on to other e-commerce sites.

However, the good news is that the reduced competition has re-opened the market to new individuals who want to make money selling items on Ebay. With a little bit of research and some old-fashioned dedication, anybody can make money with Ebay if they are willing to learn the ropes. The key is to learning what things to sell on Ebay. Though some sellers do get discouraged after an unsuccessful first month, those who stick it out, adapting their strategies for a changing marketplace have gone on to great success.

The fact of the matter is that there are now two ways to make money on Ebay. In addition to selling products on the marketplace yourself. You can also make money as an affiliate by referring buyers to Ebay. As a participant in the Ebay partner network, a person can make money, often times substantial amounts of money, without ever having to list an item for sale. For this reason, many individuals are forgoing becoming sellers and simply becoming Ebay affiliates, using their blogs and websites to direct customers to go to Ebay to make a purchase.

In order to become an Ebay partner the first step is to apply. Joining the network is free. Some people have complained that Ebay is quick to reject applications from new affiliates. However, most individuals have found that, if they have been rejected, they were eventually able to gain acceptance into the program if they simply resubmitted their application.

For people who make money online, these two ways to make money on Ebay can help put a significant amount of money in your pocket. For that reason it seems likely that people will continue to make money with Ebay for the foreseeable future.

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