People need quick money for a variety of reasons. Maybe the car broke down or you just want a special treat for your family. Regardless of the reason for needing money fast, it is always a good feeling to know that you can get it.

One of the beautiful things about the internet is that it has so many opportunities for making money online. And even better, only a small percentage of people realize just how possible it is to make money online. Choosing the right method for you is the first step to earning an online income.

Method #1 -- Provide Businesses With a Service

The first way to make money online is to offer a service to businesses. Most business want to drive traffic to their websites, but aren't sure where to start. They are always looking for people to write articles for them and get people visiting their site to learn about their business.

This is a good option if you have read up on internet marketing and know how to do these things well. You likely can earn an hourly fee or you can make a flat fee per job, depending on how you make those arrangements.

Method #2 -- Affiliate Marketing

There are thousands of companies that spend a lot of money on advertising. Part of this budget includes paying affiliate marketers to send traffic to their website and buy products.

You can promote products with your personal affiliate link and earn a commission of the sale for your referral. Many of the affiliate programs even pay immediately through PayPal so you don't have to wait. Getting money quick through affiliate marketing is as easy as posting links online and waiting for the money to be earned.

Method #3 -- Selling Your Own Informational Products

If you are able to quickly create an eBook or other kind of electronic information product, you can make quick money online. You can simply drive traffic through internet marketing and advertising, and begin earning money right away.

Though there are more options than just these three, these can help you get started. And one of the commonalities in all three of these methods is that they are all made possible through blogging.

You can blog about your service or even create a sales page on your blog to entice companies and businesses to hire you for your services. You can add articles to your blog and include links to affiliate products you promote. You can also sell your information products through your blog and promote other products you may be developing.

While blogging is easy, sometimes new bloggers hit stumbling blocks along the way. Finding a mentor with a tutorial is one of the easiest ways to get quick money. One of the best programs available online is The Niche Blogger, created by Amy Bass.
This is one of the most supportive tutorials because there are videos and text to help you get your blogs up and running fast. There is also a great and large community that stands behind its members to help that money come in even faster. Amy herself is even involved with helping you succeed.

Regardless of how you decide to earn money online, having a plan in place so that you are always able to get money quickly when you want it, whatever the reason.