Countless people wish for long gorgeous hair. Longer hair affords you more options with styles, designs and a host of other varieties to adjust how you look and feel on any given day.  However, there are times when you have it shorter than you want it or it doesn’t seem to grow as fast as you would like. Discovering options to impact how fast it grows is something lots of people have an interest in.

You could lose your lovely locks through no fault of your own. Sometimes medications will cause it to weaken or fall out. Disease and illnesses are also events which sway things out of your favor when you want it longer. Symptoms of many ailments make it thin and break short no matter how hard you try to prevent this from happening.

Medical treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation will change how your hair measures as well. Countless women experience a loss when they are working through menopause. Whatever reason you have for wanting it longer, there are ways to make your hair grow longer faster.

Buy It                                    

The first choice is always buying it. There are scores of various types, kinds and textures for sale. It comes as a wig, hair extensions; clip on in tracks or ponytails or even weave, which is another form of an artificial partial wig. Any measurement lengthwise, style or color is available to buy online or through retail brick and mortar outlets.

Another alternative is working with what nature gave to you. Working this particular option will take time and will not supply instant results like purchasing it at a beauty supply warehouse or other similar store. The following instructions will aid in getting more on your head through patience and increasing the potential to make it longer much more quickly, but more importantly healthier in the process.


Your diet is vital in having a well body. Eating healthy balanced meals with lots of the correct meats, fruits, vegetables and other foodstuffs needed to supply it with the vitamins and minerals it desires so it is at its best. Some supplements found in different foods are better than others to meet your desired results.

Protein is a vital ingredient in making things stronger, including your hair. Make certain you include lots of lean meats full of protein as often as possible in the things you eat. If you are not a real “die hard” meat eater, other sources are eggs, yogurt, beans and fish. Protein is especially important because low amounts of it found in your body could be the culprit of it becoming weak, thin and brittle which ends in losing it.

Water is an important addition to any nutritious diet. Drink lots of it. It gets rid of toxins which pollute the body. These toxins block good vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other things you need to stay healthy from doing their job right.  A balanced diet full of nourishing foodstuffs assures you are at your best and contributes to making it develop not only faster, but at its best. This means not only quicker outcomes, but lasting results.

Cleaning Habits

How you treat it makes an impact on how it will treat you. Handle with care . The manner in which you wash it, dry it, and condition it and even style it weighs in on the outcome of how fast it will flourish.

Use shampoos rich in moisturizer and conditioner. Always use a conditioner after washing it. Try a great rinse out one full of keratins and oils or even a leave in constructive product. There are hundreds to choose from in the retail marketplace.

When it is wet it is at its weakest

You hair is at its weakest when wet. Countless people will pull it wet into a ponytail for a quick style on the go. Avoid going this route. Do not stress it by putting it in braids or ponytails before it can dry. 

Let it dry first, and then put in your ponytail. It is best to use elastic ties instead of rubber bands. Rubber bands have a tendency to pull and stress at the point of contact. This is generally where breakage is first noticed and ends will split.

If you prefer a blow dry versus air drying, do not set the blow dryer on the highest setting. If you are using a hair dryer too hot to hold, it is definitely too much heat for your hair. Try and use the setting halfway between cold and hot. This is the perfect amount to get the job done.

Never use a curling iron or flat-iron on wet hair.


Styling is something lots of people who would like to develop their longer style faster do not take into account. These are several tips to styling to keep it happier with the least amount of stress;

  • Use a wide tooth comb when possible. This keeps you from fighting and struggling with tangles unnecessarily. A wide tooth comb will handle tangles more gently and with less strain and loss. This is especially important for if yours is in a weakened state
  • If you brush your locks, use one with natural boar bristles. These have been found to cause less tension for generally any grade and texture on any head.
  • Chemicals are the worst enemies for getting longer tresses. These include perms, coloring, highlighting, streaking and especially bleaching. Keep away from all of these and see how fast a recovery to healthier looking and feeling tresses you receive.
  • If you happen to wear hats, choose those of natural cotton or blends of cotton fibers which are breathable. For people who live in colder climates, hats could be a main piece of clothing several months out of the year. Stay away from materials such as wools and other harsh non breathable ones.
  • A lot of people mistakenly believe clipping the ends of your hair often will make it grow at a faster rate. Ends should only be clipped if they are split and damaged. Only remove the damaged parts. Healthy ends do not need cutting or removal.
  • If you like French braids try to wear them naturally without adding weave or artificial braid additions. Beads, plastic or ceramic are also a no-no. Putting a strain on the shaft part of your tresses results in breakage and a weakened state which is contrary to having it longer at a faster rate


How you treat it while sleeping each night affects the condition, look, feel or speed of growth. Sleeping habits are difficult to change. There are people who prefer to sleep on their stomach, others with a preference for their back or the right or left side while lying in bed. Whether you have a pillow under your head or not, while you are catching some shut-eye each evening you could be doing several things which are good for your goal.

What type of material comes into contact with it during the night is beneficial or bad. For example, cotton is rough for thin, delicate or brittle types. Think about protection by using a sleeping cap made of polyester or polyester blended fibers. If you are sleeping on silk, do not worry about safeguarding. However, thermal or other fibers are not great for eight to nine hours of contact when attempting to keep moisture and conditioning at their maximum levels.

Side sleepers have a unique concern. This means there is typically one side favored over another for lying down at night. One area is in constant contact with your sleeping material while another doesn’t receive any contact. You will discover one part or surface will be unevenly shorter, damaged or weaker when compared with the same region on the opposite side of your head.

There are "leave in" conditioners to use during the nighttime hours with a head covering to help make locks stronger and longer at a speedier rate.

In conclusion

There are a variety of things to do which will enhance your hair and help make it grow more quickly and healthier no matter what its current state. There is no guarantee or even reasonable expectation you will discover an additional 10 inches overnight by following these techniques. Though, you will increase the chances of having more at a speedier rate which is also stronger and in better shape than you have ever seen it before.


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