Making Money

Trying to make money online can be a very difficult task. Some websites you may go to and start working to make an income will turn out to be a scam. So besides not making any money, you have also wasted your time. Before you invest too much time, and especially money, in something be sure you have researched it. There are tons of blogs, reviews, etc. where you can find out if something is legitimate. Be sure to look at more than one place before deciding to get involved. I know there has been many times where I have spent hours working on something to not get paid off. I have found some real ways to make a passive income online. One of those that I have been using is Ehow.


Ehow is a website where you can write articles and receive a portion of the money that they make from the website. Many factors go into how much you can make passively through ehow. I usually make at least $150 every month through this website. I even stopped writing for a couple of months and still continued to make money from all of the articles that I have wrote. If you have the time to write quality articles it can really pay off. It is different from other websites where you get paid once for what you are writing. An article you wrote last year can continue to make money today. I have had one article that took me about 15 minutes to write and made over $100! Not all of your articles will make that kind of money, but if you have a large quantity of them, there is no reason to not make a good amount of money each week. They pay through paypal once a month. The minimum payout is 10 bucks. It is definitely not hard to make, I usually make that by day two. Another great thing about ehow is that their visitors each month to their website continue to grow. This means more people browsing one the website, which means there are more chances for you to make money.


Neobux is another legitimate way to make money online. One of the biggest differences between it and ehow is that you have to pay some to make a decent amount of money. With neobux you can buy referrals and rent them monthly. This can be costly but can also make you more than you have paid. So before getting to involved in Neobux, make sure that you understand how it works. You must click your ads daily to receive the money from your referrals. So if you do not have time to log on daily, I do not suggest buying referrals because it will end up being a wast of money if you can't click ads. I have already been paid by them as well through paypal. One great thing about Neobux is that their payouts are instant. With ehow you have to wait monthly, but once you reach the minimum amount through Neobux you can request your money and usually receive it instantly.

Google Adsense

Most everyone has heard of Google, but not everyone knows about Google Adsense. If you are looking for a great passive way to make money, this is it. But before you can start making money you need a website. After you have made a website and have begun to draw traffic to it, you will start making money. It is very important to have a large amount of traffic coming to your website. If you have a great website, but no people, you will not make any money. So make sure that your website is high up on the search engines by using SEO. Also remember what I said about CPC, if your website is about a topic that does not have a large CPC it can be more difficult to make money. So try to find a topic that you know a lot about and has a decent CPC.