Website Monetization

Websites have great value these days, both for the viewer, and the website creator. Websites, great for providing information, can also provide money to whoever manages the website. Monetization is the act of converting something into a money making item. This article will discuss the various methods of monetizing websites, including ads, affiliate links, and premium content, and donations.

            There are two primary types of ads: private and public. Public ads are when advertising agencies go through a third party to put ads on your site. Examples of these third parties would be Google AdSense and AdBrite. These advertising agencies do not know whose site they will be on, simply that they will be on one that is related to what they offer. Private ads however, are when a company contacts you directly to advertise on your site. Either public or private have the opportunity to be more profitable, depending on certain circumstances. You often begin with public advertising, then, as your site grows, people begin to see value in advertising on your site, so you move onto private advertising (if it is beneficial).

            Ads can go pretty much anywhere on your site. The most popular are the banner across the top that goes under the header, and the “sky scraper” that goes in the left and/or right columns of your site. There is something used to find the best ad system, it’s called “split testing.” When doing this, you try ads out in different places, and with different designs to see which combination gets you the most clicks. More clicks means more money. Position and look of your ad can greatly influence the number of clicks you get.

            There is also something that you can use to monetize your site called affiliate links. Affiliate links are links to another person’s website in your posts on your site. If people follow the link, then complete a certain action on the site you directed them to, you get paid! You can only do this with certain sites though. If a site does have an affiliate program, it is most often advertised somewhere on the site, but it can’t hurt to ask . This can be very a very lucrative method of monetizing your site, and can generate more than $40,000/year! When using affiliate links, it helps to have a few qualities. The first is to be successful in your niche. If people see that these tools helped you be successful at whatever it is you do, they will want to use them too. You also do not want to overwhelm the viewer with too many affiliate links. That would just make you look desperate for money, and annoy viewers.

            Premium content is content on your site that people have to pay for. This content could either be delivered through email, or through a place on your site that can be only accessed by users with an account, which they have to pay for. Regardless of how you deliver the content though, you need to be an expert in your niche for this method to actually work. Why would people pay for content from someone who didn’t know what they were talking about? This content certainly needs to be good, unique, and unable to be found anywhere else on the web.

            Perhaps the least complicated method of website monetization is straight up donations. This is when someone likes the content on your site, and wants to help support you and the site. To implement the ability to donate, you simply have to put a link (most often a rollover button) to a page linked to your paypal.

Regardless of which way (or ways) you choose to monetize your website; I wish you and your website the best of luck.