The first day at school is every parent's nightmare. You have been able to control what happens to your child everyday of his life. You have been a sort of guardian angel. You feel that your life is interwoven with that of your child. At the back of your mind, you know a time will come when you have to let go and send him to school. You pray that that day never comes. Well, that day will come and there is nothing you can do about it. So, how do you prepare to make it painless for your child and yourself?

Over-protection: You should avoid over protecting your child. This is not only good for you but it is also a way to prepare your child for school. You will have to teach your child how to protect himself and survive without your help. A way to achieve this is letting others babysit your child. You could ask the help of your spouse or mother or father. Let others take care of your child and see how he reacts. The more contact your child has with others the easier it will be for him in the future to interact with children of his age.

Day Care: There are day care center in major towns and cities. You could put your child in one of those centers for half a day per week. Why is this beneficial? You will start to progressively wean your child off your presence. There will be children of his age and he will learn to make friends and enemies. Yes, children do have enemies too. He might end up with the same children when he finally goes to school. If he already has friends, his integration will be smoother than if he is the only new kid in the class.

Know yourself: You also need to know why you are afraid of letting your child go to school. Some parents or mothers in general are afraid of being alone. If you have only one child, your life has revolved around him for a few years. You might be afraid that you wouldn't know what to do with yourself and with your time. There is no need to be too worried about this because every stage in life is a new experience. You had to get used to being a mother. You will also get used to taking your child to school and going back and forth. In the future, your child will be old enough to go to school alone. You will also have to change and adapt to that future situation. If the fear of being alone is a problem that is clouding your judgment and your preparation for your child's first day at school, you need to act before the D-day. You could start looking at volunteering at your local library or at other educational centers. That will keep you occupied and you wouldn't spend the whole day worrying about what might be happening to your child.

The more you take the necessary measure to prepare your child and yourself for his first day at school, the easier it will be when the day finally comes. The way your deal with this, will prepare you for the future when you have to be reasonable in dealing with a teenager.