There really are many different ways to stop smoking, some working better than others. Which one is best for you? Well, it really depends on the individual. If there truly were a perfect one size fits all cessation, nobody would still be lighting up. Whether you're looking to save money, improve your health, or keep a promise you may to your kids, you should learn about some of the ways to stop smoking. You just may save your own life.


Nicotine patches are among the best ways to stop smoking. Generally speaking, you will use a stronger nicotine patch, and work your way down over time. Many folks have been able to kick their nicotine addiction with these types of patches. Of course, like any of the other ways to stop smoking, there are some pluses and minuses involved.

Among the positive aspects of using nicotine as one of the ways to quit smoking, is the nicotine itself. Smokers have an addiction. Nicotine patches allow smoker to continue to get the nicotine they want and think they need in the bloodstream, at decreasing rates over time. They are among the best ways to quit smoking.

Of course, there are some negative aspects of using nicotine patches as one of the ways to quit smoking. Just as the nicotine was a positive, it is also a negative. Some people get addicted to the patches, which makes sense, since they contain nicotine. In addition, these types of programs are fairly expensive.

Lozenges and gums:

Nicotine lozenges and gums are some of the more popular ways to quit smoking. They can be very effective, and provide many people with an opportunity to kick the nicotine habit. Just like anything else, there are plenty of things to consider.

Lozenges and gums allow you to get nicotine through the mouth, somewhat resembling a cigarette. Many prefer this method. In addition, some claim it helps curb weight gain that's common when giving up cigarettes, making it one of the effective ways to quit smoking.

Most agree that nicotine lozenges and gums taste awful. I must agree, having used them in the past. Not only is the cost somewhat high, but it seems to be almost as hard to give up the gum as the cigarettes when you're done with the program. This is one of the riskier ways to quit smoking, in my opinion.

Herbal methods:

There are several natural, herbal type products that can be used as ways to quit smoking. Some that prefer this type of approach have reported great results. Many claim that mother earth holds all the answers in the battle to kick the habit.

A major positive with herbal products is the lack of additional chemicals, at least in most cases. Natural product will often pose less serious side effects and risk of harm, making them one of the good ways to quit smoking.

On the flip side, herbal products can be hard to find. Making matters worse, some of the products contain chemicals that are far less than natural. In addition, the cost is typically quite high on these products, making it one of the more expensive ways to quit smoking.


This has been one of the popular ways to quit smoking for quite some time now. Many people, including my mother, claim to have never craved anther cigarette since getting hypnotized. In my mind, this is one of the legitimate ways to quit smoking.

Hypnosis seems to have a relatively high rate of success. The cost varies, but seems to typically be quite reasonable. There are no chemicals involved, and you don't continue to use nicotine in another form, as you do with patches and gums. This seems to make it one of the best ways to quit smoking.

Plenty of people simply cannot be hypnotized. It's not their fault, they just cannot fall into the trance. In some circles, it's considered to be among the less gentlemanly ways to quit smoking. At many of the sessions, you will experience long lines, making it much less convenient, in the eyes of many.

Cold turkey:

Considered by most to be the most pure method to stop using cigarettes, this method truly is the most natural and cheapest of the ways to quit smoking. Many folks pick a date on the calendar and go for it, and then try to eat carrots or chew on straws to help out with the need to use the hands and mouth.

Cold turkey is the cheapest way to quit smoking, hands down. In addition, it is the most natural, since there's nothing you need to take. If budget is a concern, you'll love this one. Picking a date on the calendar allows you time to prepare mentally.

As a former smoker, I can tell you that this is the least successful, at least from what I can tell. Not only does success seem low, weight gain is a common complaint. In fact, some will begin using cigarettes again just to stop the weight from getting out of control. It's among the hardest ways to quit smoking.

See the doctor:

Electronic cigarettes:

The new rage seems to be electronic nicotine cigarettes. They supposedly supply nicotine, free of many of the chemicals in cigarettes, making it one the more appealing ways to quit smoking. Just like anything else, there are some great benefits, and drawbacks.

On the plus side, you will get nicotine, without the chemicals. It makes sense that puffing on an electronic cigarette would be effective, it mimics the way you use cigarettes.

The cost is almost obscene on these products. While it's still a little early to tell, there will likely be some long term effects when using this product. The newness makes this one of the more uncertain ways to quit smoking.

As you can see there are plenty of ways to quit smoking that you can try. If you are committed to success, you just may be able to pull it off. There seems to be a plan for just about every budget, so there are ways to quit smoking even if you don't have a dime to spend. Some will need to try several methods before they can give up cigarettes for good. Take the time to study your options and see you doctor when you look for good ways to quit smoking.