Some tips for buying an anti-wrinkle cream or treatment.

Things You Will Need

A computer with an internet connection.

Step 1

Although user reviews are a good indication of the results that you'll see. The placebo effect may very well be playing a role. Fact is, a Consumer Reports study concluded that wrinkle creams decrease wrinkles by 10%, which is a difference not visible with the naked eye.

Step 2

I'm not kidding when I say that the best skin care product (for everything from acne to wrinkles) is the ""Glycolic Acid 35% Gel Peel, 30ml", which you can buy off Amazon. It seems to be very popular and has gotten very good reviews. Rather than slowly working like a cream, it works by peeling off some the damaged skin.

Step 3

Botox will help your reduce wrinkles or, rather, the appearance of wrinkles. However, it is very expensive and the results only last for about 6 months. As such, if you want the effect to last, you have to keep on paying for it. Also, Botox does not work the way you may expect it to. Rather than "eliminating" wrinkles it works by reducing the muscles ability to move, which helps smoothen out the wrinkle. This is why you see those who have Botox have a very "stiff" face.

Step 4

Although sunscreen won't get rid of the wrinkles you already have, it will help prevent them. Fact is, the reason many people look older than they do is because of UV damage. Although this may surprise you, suncreen is the best anti-wrinkle treatment.
Don't expect miracles. There isn't a product (at least not yet), that will make significant differences or changes.

Tips & Warnings

Don't overpay for wrinkle creams! Price does not correlate with effectiveness. Nearly all wrinkle creams have the same or similar ingredients.