Knee Pain Relief

Ice Knee Wrap for Knee Pain

There are several ways to relieve knee pain and I have done every one of them many times. You see, I have A LOT of experience with knee pain. This is due to a knee break I had some time back, as a result, I have had knee pain off and on ever since. There are good days and bad days, sometimes you can figure out why it's hurting and some days you can't. However, no matter the reason, the goal is to get knee pain relief as soon as possible. After all, life must go on.

Maybe you know the reason you have knee pain and maybe you don't, but it is a good idea to figure it out. In my case I know why I have recurring knee pain. Some of you aren't sure, while you may suspect it is this or that you need to find out for sure. If you don't know why you have knee pain it will be more difficult to get rid of it. Think back on what you done the day or night before that could trigger it.

Knee Pain Causes

Let me count the causes of knee pain, there are many, but we will focus on the top five.

1. Overweight- Too much weight on joints stresses them

2. Overuse- Over training, workaholic, fatigue, not enough rest

3. Disease- Arthritis, osteoarthritis

4. Inflammation- Tendonitis, bursitis

5. Injury- Broken bone, muscle or tendon tear, sprain, strain, dislocation

You should be able to pinpoint the cause of knee pain and do whatever you can to get rid of it or at least ease it. It is possible to get rid of it forever if it is under your control such as being overweight, lose the weight. If you over train then ease up on the workout. Many times, however, it is out of your control if it is disease, inflammation or an injury. In these cases do what you can to relieve knee pain naturally.

Ways to Relieve Knee Pain Naturally

To me naturally means without pills. There are natural ways to ease pain and it is always best to go that route if you can. My knee tends to hurt first thing in the morning soon as I stand up. After I move around a bit it, slowly mind you, pain begins to subside. So, the first thing you need to do is use it, get moving about. If you have a stationary bike ride it for 5-10 minutes, it's amazing how the bike can make knee pain disappear. Cycling is a great way to ease painful knees.

After you have warmed up on the bike or walked for a few minutes then it is time to stretch. It is not good to stretch before you warm up muscles. My favorite is a quad stretch, simply reach back and grab the ankle and pull it upward toward the butt, keep back straight and hold something for balance. Hold stretch for 5-10 seconds.

It is also wise to do hamstring stretches, which are also important. We're talking about flexibility here and the only way to stay flexible is to stretch. Knees get stiff and painful when you don't stretch the muscles surrounding them. If you don't have time to stretch quads and hamstrings then you will continue to have knee pain. I advise you to make time!

Massage is another natural way to relieve knee pain. It is unbelievable what a few minutes of massage can do to get rid of knee pain. I am talking maybe 2-3 minutes. It can be done by you or someone else it doesn't matter. I prefer to do it myself, since I know where the pain is and how much pressure to use. When you massage don't just focus on the knee go for the entire quad and hamstrings in back. These muscles surround and support the knee, so show them some love and they will respond in kind.

Ice packs as well as ice knee wraps are a great way to get relief from knee pain. Ice has helped me to get through many painful nights when my knee was swollen and inflamed. Typically ice is used in the first 48 hours of injury and no longer than 20 minutes at a time. Arthritis and tendonitis also respond well to ice treatments.

Ways to Prevent Knee Pain

Exercise is the best way to prevent knee pain. Simply by strengthening quads and hamstrings you can avoid knee pain. Let's not forget the butt muscles they matter too! The three best exercises to do are squats, lunges and step exercises. As mentioned above, flexibility is vital, so stretching exercises are a must. No or low impact exercise is best when it comes to cardio such as cycling or elliptical. Water aerobics is excellent as well. Just get moving one way or another.

Be smart and don't overdo, many knee injuries are caused by exceeding one's limitations. Whether it's to show off or meet a challenge it's not wise to have an 'I have to push past the pain' mentality. When you feel pain slow down, stop and evaluate before continuing.

Wear shoes that provide good support and balance, especially if you have a physically demanding job and lift heavy. Also for playing sports and workouts too or pay the price with painful stiff knees.

Be careful and pay attention when doing activities or work around the house that requires balance and strength. Ask for help instead of trying to do it alone when you think it may be too difficult. Many injuries occur out of plain old carelessness. 

Prevention is the best way to relieve knee pain by avoiding it altogether. We all know that stuff happens; however, sometimes we need to take responsibility for our actions.

Ice Knee Wrap for Knee Pain

Ice Knee Wrap