Ways to Save Money

Ways to Save Money (35412)

Many people go through trying times in life when things don't go the way they were planned and due to job loss, illness, moving or divorce there comes a time to look at new ways to save money. Avoid the stress and depression that usually ensues from problems with finances by taking action today. These are ideas you may not have thought of in your quest to save money and that are fairly easy for everyone to do:


Save Money on Insurance

Take a look at your automobile insurance policy and what amount of deductible you are carrying. By potentially raising the deductible, you could lower the monthly insurance premium due and these amounts could add up significantly. Carry only the amount of insurance that you need - many people are overinsured.

You could also save money on health insurance by changing the deductible. You would need to pay for that first amount before insurance would start to kick in but, depending on your health and circumstances this could be a very good way to save money.


Save Money on Electric

Many of our household appliances use electricity and by merely unplugging as many of these as possible every day, you can save money. All lamps, computers, printers, chargers, televisions, radios, toaster, coffee maker, shavers and anything that gets plugged in can save money on electricity if you pull the plug. Take a walk around your home and look at how many appliances are plugged in, you'll notice a change in your electric bill the following month and each month this money will add up to a nice savings for you and your family. Get everyone in the household on board with your plan.


Save Money on Your Vehicle

You could save money on your vehicle by looking into selling your current vehicle and purchasing a less expensive model that gets better gas mileage, costs less for maintenance, and costs less for insurance premiums and costs less for the monthly payment. Overall, these changes could add up to save a lot of money towards your monthly budget.


Save Money on Credit Cards

Place a call to your credit card company and try to negotiate a lower APR that would reduce your monthly payment. Many credit card companies are willing to help customers that have a good payment history and it never hurts to ask. If they are unwilling to help you now, call back next month and continue to ask for their assistance until they help you. Persistence will pay off and your main goal to save money will be reached. Pay your credit card bill on time each month to avoid all late fees and penalties which add up to be quite costly to a monthly budget.


Save Money on Heating Bill

Trying to save money on a heating bill is a big concern for many people especially during winter months. Bundle up at home by wearing layers of warm clothing; turn the thermostat down as low as possible, especially during sleeping hours. Reduce all drafts by using a draft stopper under doors and under window sills. Use a space heater (always watching carefully) to heat the room you are in or an electric fireplace instead of heating the whole house whenever possible.


Save Money on Groceries

Shop for groceries with a family member or friend and buy frequently used items in bulk whenever possible. Carefully freeze extra food so that it will stay fresh and you'll avoid waste. Shop for sale items from the weekly store flyer, search for buy one get one items, use in store discounts as well as online discounts. Determine the weekly meals based on grocery sales. Eat leftovers and get everyone in the household on a mission to save money.


Save Money on Television

Check your cable package and look into different options that can help you save money on a smaller package with fewer channels. Oftentimes, cable television in a basic package is just as useful as having many channels you are paying for and not watching. Eliminate all movie channels and premium channels and vow to rent a movie now and then when you are ready to watch a movie. Changing your cable television package can help you save money.


Save Money on Cell Phones

Investigate the current cell phone package you have and either search online for other cell phone deals or visit your local cell phone store soon and let them help you choose the best option for you and your family that will help you save money.


Save Money on Entertainment

Many people spend money every month if not every week on eating out, going to the movies, casinos, lottery, bars or clubs. Vow to make a movie night with friends at home or plan an at home party instead of going out. Play games, read a book or enjoy a conversation. Cook meals at home until you are able to save money for what you need, temporary changes don't hurt as much if you know that you are working on your goal to save money.


Save Money on Incidentals

Only you know exactly where you spend the money that you earn. Take a look at how you spend money and determine what other changes you could make on a daily basis to save money. Once you pay closer attention to everything you spend money on, there will be other changes you could make to help you save money. Good luck on your quest to save money and these are just some of the ways to save money that could help you. See what else you can think of that can help to reduce your stress and worry over money problems.

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