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There are ways that you can save money when you shop no matter what store it is you are shopping at.  Remember these tips on your next shopping trip to stretch your dollar.  The more you save on one trip, the more you can spend elsewhere.


This is the most obvious way to save money.  Everyone should know to do this, but there are so many people that don’t do it.  Clip coupons from your weekly newspaper and print coupons you can find online.  Many times there are coupon exchange clubs where you can meet with others to exchange coupons that you might want to use.  These are best to use on double coupon days.

Save Your Receipts

How many times have you gone to buy something pretty expensive and found that it was much cheaper a week later?  This has happened many times to all of us I am sure.  There are many reasons why you should save your receipts, but if you are looking to save money, this is another reason.  The store will likely refund the difference if you still have the receipt and recently purchased the item.

Don’t Fall For End Cap Sales

Many stores will put products on end caps of the aisles to promote the product.  They may have a sign that says, “sale” or “clearance” or something similar.  Don’t let these signs fool you.  They aren’t really sales, they are just a good way for the store to catch your attention.  The best ways to find real clearance deals is to look throughly throughout the shelves to see if there is a regular and a sale price.

Compare Prices

Comparing prices used to be a pain.  Calling one store and then another was always a hassle.  Now, it is easier with such a variety of apps out there.  There are price comparison apps that will allow you to compare the price of a product from many different stores.  This makes things a lot easier for you.  If you find the product you want at a different store for less money, many stores will do price matches.  If not, take your business elsewhere.  If it that much of a price difference, it will be worth it to buy it at another store.

Use a Basket

If you are grocery shopping, use a basket instead of a cart.  How many times have you gone into the store just for a few items and came out with a cartful of grocery?  I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me.  Carrying a basket is helpful if you are only looking for a few items to pick up.  Once it starts getting heavy you will know you are done and can look for an open checkout lane.

Saving money at the store will make you feel great.  There are many ways you can save money whether you are grocery shopping, shopping at the mall or a convenience store.  Every little bit you are saving really makes a difference in the long run.

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