How to save costs and get better deal on treadmills? Treadmills can be expensive. Here are some tips for containing the cost of your purchase.

Go Online To Find Treadmill Deals

If you are searching fro a treadmill exercise machine, shop around online. Generally speaking, you will find a larger selection than at a local store. Once you have done your research, jot down the prices and go shop around locally to actually see the product.

When you have decide on a particular brand and model of treadmill, or have narrowed it down to a few makes and modes, you may want to look around online again. It may be possible to find a better deal online than at your local store. Pay attention to cost items such as shipping and taxes. If you buy locally, you will probably be paying sales tax, but the dealer may deliver it for free. If you buy it on-line, you will most likely be paying for shipping. Do the math, and find our which is the better deal.

Get the Timing Down

There are better times of the year than others to buy a treadmill. Winter and the end of year holidays are the high seasons. You are more likely to find sales and discounts during this time of year. Also look for model change times. The older models will generally be sold at a discount to clear the way for new inventory.

Search for Coupons

Many online retailers may have discount coupons available. These coupons come and go. So you have to keep frequenting the online retailers to find them.

Watch the Extras

There are many accessories that can be added to a treadmill. Decide if you really need the laptop stand, magazine rack, iPod doc, speaker systems or any other accessory that can be attached to your treadmill. Will it really improve the experience?

There are also upgrades to the program controllers. Do you really want a treadmill that has multiple styles of workouts programmed, personal trainer workouts and even wireless Internet connection? Or do you just want to walk or run?

Do Not Mistake Cheap for Value

When buying a motorized treadmill, make sure that you have enough horse power. If you simply plan to walk a one and a half horsepower motor will work. Running requires a two horsepower motor. When testing, step and bounce hard on the tread while it is running. There should be no groaning or slowing down of the belt.

Also make sure that the treadmill is wide enough and long enough for your stride, and it is stable to stand on. That is, it does not wobble.

So keep the above in mind when you are looking for a treadmill exerciser. Keep yourself informed. Follow links and read online so that you can make an informed decision.