Ways to Show Thanks on Thanksgiving

Ways to Show Thanks at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the US holiday that commemorates the pilgrims bountiful harvest shared with the Native Indians that first taught them how to survive by growing their own food and centuries later is still celebrated as a means to be thankful for all blessings and bounty.

Many spend this holiday with a huge meal with family and friends gathered together, watching football, playing games, relaxing and napping. Many people don't have the luxuries that some of us afford and many spend the Thanksgiving holiday alone. Maybe you won't have your family or friends with you this holiday season and you'd like a way to give back to others and find a way to spend your holiday. If you'd like to enjoy Thanksgiving by showing thanks, follow these tips for new ideas.

Show Thanks on Thanksgiving


Volunteering for Thanksgiving is a great way to show your thanks and to give back while putting a smile on someone's face. Many people are homeless or in battered shelters, have no family at all or no family members nearby or they lack money or a home. Poverty levels in America alone are increasing yearly and many people that once had good jobs and a home are now finding themselves in need of assistance as a result of a bad economy and a recession.

Places to Volunteer to Show Thanks on Thanksgiving

Boys and Girls Club – formed as a safe and fun place for kids and teenagers to grow, learn, set goals, meet new friends and offers a host of activities from games and crafts to leadership, computer training and assistance as well as discussion and support groups. If you are experienced in any of these areas, the Boys and Girls Club is a great place to offer your volunteer services.

YMCA – may need extra hands during the holiday if they serve a Thanksgiving meal to those in need.

Big Brothers and Sisters – find out how you can join this group of amazing men and women that serve as mentors and teachers to young teenagers in need of guidance.

Neighborhood Art House – is a great place to offering to read to young children and students. Spend an hour or two a week to help children and inspire them of the joy of reading. Or spend the Thanksgiving holiday if a meal will be prepared for those children and their families.

Soup Kitchen – every local soup kitchen will be preparing the Thanksgiving Day meal for anyone in need of food or company and you could be a valuable asset with any services you could offer in cooking, serving or cleaning.

Lend an Ear

Many nursing homes will have patients without family or loved ones nearby over the Thanksgiving holiday. You could offer to sit with a patient to get to know them, hear their stories, read to them or share the Thanksgiving Day meal with them. You'll make a senior citizen very happy by simply lending a hand or sharing a smile.

Free Manicures

If you know how to manicure basic fingernails, offer your services to provide a free manicure to patients during the week of Thanksgiving to a local hospital or nursing home.

Play Music

If you play an instrument, offer you play a free set of music to a group at any of the prior locations to give others an opportunity to sing a long, dance or just listen to a live musical presentation.

Play Cards or Games

If you know a few card games or other games and are willing to spend some time in a nursing home or hospital, find out how to set up an afternoon of fun with a few of your friends.

America's Got Talent

Do you have a special talent that won't be seen on the popular television show America's Got Talent? Why not offer to do a show, share your magic or other talent with a senior citizen center, church, nursing home or shelter over the Thanksgiving holiday! You know you want to…

Visit a Relative

If you've lost touch with a relative you haven't seen in a long time, think back to happy times and contact them to let them know you've been thinking of them and try to schedule a visit.

Help a Friend in Need

Do you have a friend that may have new needs because of unemployment, marital problems, health problems or other situation? Give your friend a call during the Thanksgiving holiday to say you care and offer any help you can give.

There are many more ways that you can help someone else and show your thanks at the same time. Think of any talents you have and who could benefit from your help and make arrangements to offer your assistance to Show Thanks during Thanksgiving and lend a helping hand. You'll be glad you did and you'll create lasting memories for all those you help and make smile – yourself included! Happy Thanksgiving.

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