Stand out at WorkCredit: Google Images

Moving up the corporate ladder can sometimes be harder than you think. Developing your skills and making sure the right people notice you can sometimes be a competitive game. Sometimes being competent in your field is not enough. This article includes practical steps that can help move you leaps ahead of your co-workers and to your desired path.

 1. Find a problem to solve- You are paid to solve issues. Find out what the pain points are for your company or department, and use your gifts to solve those problems. This will cause you to stand out, since most people will just complain and run from doing the work required to solve the issue. It's easier to complain about a problem than it is to solve it. Become known as a problem solver with innovative ideas.

2. Arrive at least 10 minutes early- This is small and very practical, but you would be surprised how much you will stand out by making this simple adjustment. It not only shows you are prompt, but that you are serious about your job. When it comes time for a promotion more than likely the person that comes in late everyday will not be selected. This also give you time to compose yourself before everyone comes in.

3. Stay 10 at least minutes late - Similar to the one above, this adjustment shows that you take your work seriously. Most employees are sitting and watching the clock. Staying a little later demonstrates you’re engaged in your work and you are concerned about not leaving any stones unturned.

4. Perform more than your job description- If your manager asks you to work on a project or do something that is not in your job description, take on the responsibility with gladness. This proves that you work well with others and have capacity because you utilize your time wisely. The best way to stand out and influence others is helping coworkers excel in what they do. Be prepared to take on projects that show your skills and your willingness to stretch and grow.

5. Manage your time wisely - Learn better ways to manage your inbox and time. That may include blocking time on your calendar for meetings. This also involves how you manage your personal time. Make it a point to try not to handle personal business during work hours. Although some of this cannot be prevented, if in excess it shows that you cannot manage your life efficiently.

6. Set higher than expected goals - Meritocracy will not get you noticed. Make sure you set the bar higher than your manager’s expectations. This challenges you to greater productivity, but also displays ambition and initiative

7. Develop a learner’s attitude - A person that does not learns not growing. You must continue to have a learner’s attitude in order to succeed in what you do. No one likes a know it all.  Take advise from other coworkers and show that you are a team player. 

Success is a direct product of extra effort. The more you continue to develop yourself the more you will prove yourself to be a valuable asset. Consistently performing these steps will set you heads above your fellow teammates. I hope this helps and let me know your thoughts.