FACT: 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated.

Are you one of them?

The importance of having lots of water in you can not be overstated. After all, our bodies are around 60% water by weight. If that percentage drops even a little bit, you are dehydrated. Dehydration can cause nausea, dizziness and weakness.

Unless you want to look like a dried out prune, you need water. There are easy ways to stay hydrated that you can use. But before we go on,

RULE: Drink when thirsty

Before delving in to specfic ways to stay hydrated, we must discuss when and how much to drink. First, you need to learn to recognize your bodies thirst signal. Many people confuse thirst and hunger. Learn to recognize your body's signals. Honor your body's signal at the first opportunity.

You may be asking, "What about the 8 glass a day rule?" Well, the truth is, there is no magic number when it comes to water intake.
The whole "8 glasses a day" rule is completely false. Here are some websites that debunk the myth:

So, clearly you do not need 8 glasses a day, but how much do you need? Maybe more, maybe less. Just abide by the simple rule: Drink when thirsty. If you feel your thirsty, drink up! And don't wait! If you wait till your really thirst, you will be dehydrated. However, If you're not thirsty thirsty, set the glass down.

When you're in tune with your thirst signals, you won't be dehydrated so often.

Now, let's talk about Ways To Stay Hydrated

1. Be prepared. Drink ahead of time. Carry a water bottle with you at all times. Put some ice in it, so you're more likely to take sips. Being prepared is key, as if you're totally parched and there's no water available, you're going to end up very dehyrated.

2. Drink more in hot weather. Realize that in hot weather your body needs more fluids, so drink up. Water is ideal, but a glass of lemonade on a hot day is delicious.

3. Drink less soda pop, energy drinks and coffee. Caffeine, contained in soda pop as well as coffee, is a diuretic and causes an increase in urine volume. When you drink a caffeinated beverage, you will actually become thirstier. Not a good way to stay hydrated.

4. Drink electrolytes. Electrolytes are minerals that help regulate fluid levels. They are lost through sweat, so this point is particularly relevent when exercising or on a hot day. Gatorade is an example of an electrolyte drink. If you don't want the calories, the have low-calorie electrolyte drinks such as Propel.

5. Eat fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are mostly water. For example, a tomatoe is around 95% water, while a watermelon is around 90%.

6. Drink soup. Soup for meals is a great way to stay hydrated.

7. Have tea and juice. If you don't feel like water, drink some of these beverages. Tea can also have many great health effects. For other healthy low-calorie options, see http://www.infobarrel.com/Best_Low_Calorie_Drinks
8. Have a glass of water with meals. Make it a habit.

9. Drink water when you wake up. Your body needs fluids to be replenished in the morning.

That's it! Those are the best ways to stay hydrated. Thanks for reading, and please post a comment.